Thursday, April 27, 2006

Call it hate, call it love, I call it art

He´s not only able to charme (or insult) Whitney Housten. He is - as mentioned - a big inspiration for a lot of lyricist and musicians, a mentor. It is of course Mr. Gainsbourg, I´m talking about. As a back up for this insistence let me introduce you to Mounsiur Gainsbourg Revisited, a tribute to Serge which contains interpretations by prominet (and artistically different) artists such as Marianne Faithfull, Jarvis Cocker, Tricky, Sly and Robbie, Michael Stipe, Portishead (their first release in 6 years), The Kills, Franz Ferdinand, Marc Almond, Karen Elson, to name but a few.

It wouldn´t be the first time a tribute turned out to be an imberassing slurpy bit of crap that doesn´t hold anything but the ability to make you sick as hell. But luckily now and again there is a tribute which makes you say: “this is why they try again and again”.
Since I bought it I have listened to the record quite a few times and have by now my own favorites. With out telling you what to hear and what to skip (because you should most definitely hear the record from start to finish with out skipping a number – a least the first time!) I must point out that it is a lovely return by Portishead, the reggaeish Lola R. for ever by Marianne Faithfull & Sly and Robbie suits Lola rastaquouere - aswell as Mrs. Faithfull - The Ballade of Melody Nelson by Placebo could make a good soundtrack for drive through the city late at night, L´Hotels theme is perfectly delivered by Michael Stipe, and before I forget: Franz Ferdinand and Jane Birkin makes a genuine rocking start for a tribute to the rocking Serge Gainsbourg with A Song for Sorry Angel.

A last comment not to be ignored should fall on Catpower and Karen Elsons Je t´aime moi non plus, and I must say, that it´s a bit dissapointing. But then again, it is never an easy job to rework a famous song. And in the light of that, I´ll admit, that I have listened to I love You (Me Either) again and again because of the beautyful vocal performances - especially least Karen Elsons vocal (when will she realese a record of her own?). Call it hate, call it love, I call it art.

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