Sunday, April 30, 2006

Juliana Hatfield downloads for free

The ever lovely Juliana Hatfield is about to release yet another record. This time around with a group of hers called Some Girls (you can hear samples from the record Fell It here.). But maybe more interesting is the possibility to download a bunch of her own previously unreleased songs, officially and for free (that is if you don´t want to make a donation to the artist who made the song. In this case Juliana).

I don´t know if Juliana Hatfield is a part of the european music lovers minds these days. Has she ever been? I don´t know. But that´s just to bad for those of you who never listen to any of her songs (take the chance now, g.. d.....!). And if you like it, you don't have to worry about not getting more, because Juliana continues to be working hard and releasing. Either on her own, or as a part of Blake Babies or Some Girls .

To give a bit extra to grab your attention I have inserted a video from her first record Hey Babe. It´s called Everybody Loves Me But You. Hmm...

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