Thursday, April 20, 2006

Omaha in the bloom

At the third Hot Shops Film Festival, a small film festival for film-buffs in the Omaha area (and beyond), there was a category for music videos. Participants had the possibility to make a music video for Criterias Kiss the Wake and Orenda Finks Leave it all, artists, both signed at the influential and internationally acclaimed Omaha-based label Saddle Creek. Make you own oppinion about the videos (and throw a comment here at Indie Laundry). My comment for now must be: thumbs up for the music, film and art scene in Omaha - it´s in the bloom.

The Winners (and the videos):

Jaime O’Bradovich: Kiss the Wake (Criteria)

Rudolf Buitendach: Leave it All (Orenda Fink)

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