Sunday, May 28, 2006

Tilly & The Wall. New album and mp3

winter, spring, summer, autumn...a simple, but a great idea. It´s the Tilly & The Wall website I´m talking about. You shall at entering deside which season spirit you´re in. I was personally in a winter mode this morning (don´t know why). They have just released Bottom of Barrels (23.5.2006, and 10.6.2006 in the UK) with Bad Education (mp3) as the first single - a dancealble, gipsyish poprock tune. The tunes I´ve heard from Bottom of Barrels are very different, but they are able to balance it, this experimenting with the possibilities of a poprock song. So if the rest of the album have the same qualities I´m very hopeful on their behalf - you have a possibility to judge yourself at the tastermenu below.

The menu:

Love song (mp3)

The Freest Man (mp3)

Lost Girls (mp3)

Epilog : THE BEST. I just need to tell what my favorite Tilly & The Wall is (because that´s what we do at Indie Laundry) It´s Nights of the living dead (mp3) from their debut album Wild Like Children is a rockish song, because it has this friday-evening-screeming feel to it. Lovely.
And not to forget. Their videos are very fine and humorous. You And I Misbehaving is the best, and I have therefore incerted it below. You can watch the rest at their My Space or at their official website.

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