Saturday, May 13, 2006

Who is Juana Molina?

Of course I know a bit about this former-comedian-talk-show-host-becomes-a-singer/songwriter now. But when I first noticed her album at a local shop this afternoon, I didn´t know anything about her. It might be me, who´s a bit ignorant, but neither had my Indie Laundry colleaque Kristoffer (I hope not, that it makes Indie Laundry less reliable!?). Anyhow, this latin musician makes a seriouse ambient landscape based on acoustic guitar spiced with some synth, strings, loops and what else she feels like. A very emotional record ("tres cosas"). And I like it! Sàlvese qiuèn guade from "Tres cosas" is brilliant, but that can be said about a lot of her songs. And the video for No es tan cierto is - what shall I call it...hmmm - remarkable and a bit weird in a very funny way (click the picture). Enjoy!

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