Sunday, July 02, 2006

"Dirty Paper Cup" released

Hafdis Huld has finally released her new album "Dirty Paper Cup", you might remember my post about her silver spandex video back in March.

I'm quite pleased with the album, simple little songs with witty lyrics - very girly. The songs are all very minimal, just guitar/banjo plucking complimenting her sweet voice. Everything is quite pink and very sugar coated - not too much that it rots your teeth though. Very fitting for a sunday afternoon.

I guess Hafdis decided to build the new website herself along with some friends, so it's a bit shit - but I found some tracks from the new album on there for you to download:

  • Download Tomoko
  • Download Fucked Up Mind
  • Download Who Loves The Sun

    Anonymous said...

    Dirty Paper Cup is NOT yet released.

    You probably have a promo version.

    Dirty Paper Cup is due the 2nd of October.

    Anonymous said...

    It IS good though! And those tracks on Hafdis's website are well worth a listen. :-)

    Anonymous said...

    oh, me too, me too. They're cool...