Monday, August 21, 2006

Introducing: Bela

Icelandic singer / songwriter / visual artist Baldur, better known as Bela will be releasing his first album internationally later this month.

Bela started out as a guitarist, playing in various bands, with musical styles ranging from death-metal to electro in the Icelandic music scene. He soon began recording his own songs at home and singing them himself (something he never did in the bands). These songs he recorded were kind off a nod off to the music he grew up listening to (before the teenage Metal obsession kicked in).

To me his music has a rich Glasgow influence, remenicent of "Reindeer Section" and "Snow Patrol" which makes sense, since he's been living over there studying music for the past 2 ears and playing vearious clubs. I'd describe Bela's music as well produced guitar melodies and laid back vocals wrapped up in simplicity.

The album "Hole and Corner" will be released through a young Glasgow label, "Say Dirty records" on August 27th.

Watch the video to "Ticket for a Train"

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    More information at Bela's Myspace page.
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