Friday, August 18, 2006

Love Your Bum

Icelander Eberg has been living in the UK studying sound engineering and released his second album "Voff Voff" earlier this year (Icelandic for a dog's bark). BBC's The Blue Room have been playing a track from the album "Love your Bum" relentlessly - and have featured it on their recent compilation. It's all about nappies and wipes apparantly.

The "Voff Voff"album has gotten rave reviews in most publications such as Q Magazine, The Independent, The Times, Music Week.

  • "Love Your Bum"
  • "I'm Moving to Wales"
  • "Inside Your Head"
  • Iceland Airwaves have announched that he will be playing the festival this year - so there's yet another reason for you to attend.
    Eberg's Official Site
    Iceland Airwaves
    The Blue Room

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