Thursday, April 30, 2009

Roskilde warm-up part 1

The Indielaundry crew are warming up to this years Roskilde Festival. The line-up this year has been discussed a lot between the crew and we more or less agree, that among the headliners the quality is very low this year. Too mainstream, too much old news, too much rap and metal. But fortunately the smaller venues at Roskilde always has great (the greatest) shows. So this year it's the smaller and still unknown bands who we rely on here at Indielaundry. Personally I only have a few must-see's - two of them are Lucinda Williams and M. Ward. Both artists who cooperate alot with other artists - and each other. On the new M. Ward album theres a duet with the two artists, and I hope Roskilde are up for arranging this duet on stage - it could be magic. Heres a few live-goodies - that realy shows what we are up for. (Just hope Jim James shows up as well!)

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Niblett and Bonnie Prince Billy makes the angels sing

I think this speaks for itself....

I think this speaks for itself....