Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Late Great Fitzcarraldos - chill with it!

My social network is of the highest possible quality. Therefore I will not hesitate to recommend The Late Great Fitzcarraldos. They sound like stuff you want to have on the iPod this summer while drinking cocktails and relaxing in the sun. I bet that description would fit quite a lot of bands, so I'll just add that this is stripped down DIY-tunes, which are absolutely enjoyable. They have recently played a tour with Efterklang.

Check the The Late Great Fitzcarraldos out on MySpace and listen to the Submarine Sessions from ThirdEar (recommended)

Arcade Fire talks new album, leaks new singles

Everybody loves - or at least likes - Arcade Fire, it seems. I understand that. Their two albums are of very high quality - blending a rather straightforward rock style with quirky, even haunted lyrics, production and vocals. (There is no 'but' here, if you expected that)

Amazingly, their third album 'The Suburbs' could very well be their finest ever. That is the impression I get when listening the double a-side single, the Canadians spat out this week. Lend your ear to this, if you haven't already done it!

MP3: Arcade Fire – “The Suburbs”

MP3: Arcade Fire – “Month Of May”

(courtesy of One Thirty BPM)

Roskilde warm-up: Robyn

Swedish indie pop darling Robyn is putting the fun back in pop music and she has the dance moves to go with it! She is preparing a huge 2010 with three album releases. The first - 'Girl Talk pt. 1' - hits the stores just in time for her anticipated return to Roskilde Festival.

Indie Laundry saw her fabulous show two years ago - her best ever, according to herself. Be sure that we will be there this year as well. And with tracks like 'Dancing on my own' among her new material, the tent is bound to be cooking! Great tune, stunning production.

Robyn 'Dancing On My Own' (Official Video) from Robyn on Vimeo.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Heliopause: Electronic experiment gone wrong - the interactive version

A fun little possibility for you to make your own mix of Electronic experiment gone wrong by Heliopause. Good song, simple technics, lots of possibilities. Try it here.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

"Stones in Exile" - Rolling Stones anno 1972

There is a new documentary on the making of the Rolling Stones classic 'Exile on Main St.' coming out soon. And yesterday, the album itself was released in a deluxe remastered version including a 10-song bonus disc. Yummy!

"Mick needs to know what he's going to do tomorrow. Me, I'm just happy to wake up and see who's hanging around. Mick's rock, I'm roll." - Keith Richards on the difference between Mick Jagger and himself.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Silver Columns - Cavalier

So the date of the release of Silver Columns debut album YES AND DANCE is closing in on us (31-5-2010 on Moshi Moshi). And it is with excitement that it's nearing, since the hype about Silver Columns has been going on for quite awhile. And when we get YES AND DANCE in the our player a more firmly comment will be made here. But Hot Chip will be getting a run for their money, as some expects. And (now) knowing that Silver Columns are consisting of The Pictish Trail and Adem the hype isn't unfounded. But for now take a listen to their single Cavalier (being released on monday the 17th of May) + a few others things, incl. Joe Goddards remix of Brow Beaten.

Dislike is a good thing - The Scottish Enlightenment and Pascal EP

Being at the edge of dislike can be a good thing. Especially if it's music this scepticism is provoked by. Because if so, you're are bound to listen to it again and again, over and over, until you reach some kind of clarity of this "dislike" (or at least I am). During the session of repeated listening, the good parts are due to take over if they really prevails the bad and instead reveals the qualities of the music. Over the last few days The Scottish Enlightenment have had their turn in my dislike-session, but are now turning me around towards the positive. As the second song of the Pascal EP proclaims (with another perspective): If you would just try a bit harder. I've done - and do - and my likening is on the rise. But so it often is when the starting point is an underplayed lo-fi-ish slow-core (for me anyway). But take a judge for yourself - which I recommend you do.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Castanets - "Texas rose, the thaw, the beasts" dripping from my speakers

"Texas rose, the thaw, the beasts" by Castanets is just amazingly lovely. Castanets (aka Raymond Raposa) plays his music like a folk musician being evaporated into the future on the back of nostalgia, riding the possibilities in all its glory and downfall with his pockets filled with natures and cultures stimulants. I know that labeling music with meaningful tags is notoriously difficult, but some would name his music freak folk or New weird America. That actually doesn't give him enough credit. So instead think of the possibility that Pink Floyd, Vic Chesnutt and Bonnie Prince Billy is over for dinner at Portisheads - with the Geto Boys looming in the distant attic - then you might hear, dripping from the window, a vertiginious folk-hopping psychedelic space-rock. Until that happens just load "Texas rose, the thaw, the beasts", and let it drip from your speakers.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Indie Laundry releases Spotify Collaborative Playlist - Ideas for Music

If you are using Spotify we would like to invite our readers to collaborate on our playlist 'Indie Laundry - Ideas for Music'. The idea is simply to share, explore and have fun. We will add new tracks and edit the list. There are not many songs right now, but share your taste!

No rules, only good music. Please collaborate! Indie Laundry: Collaborative Playlist on Spotify - click!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The National - video Bloodbuzz Ohio and Apartement Story

We wrote about The National on this very page more than 3 years ago. We have to do it again because their new album High Violet is highly recommendable. As well as boxer was one of the absolutely best albums of 2007 High Violet is the most anticipated album of 2010.

As Pitchfork puts it: Six drinks in, tired of your coworkers, wishing you could just go home and laugh at sitcoms with someone? Maybe get laid? The National's got your back.

People are going to be saying this a lot about High Violet, but the record really is sounding more and more like the perfect balance between the anthemic moments on Alligator and the more pensive Boxer. Personally we had to awesome experience with this band, live @Amager Bio and Roskilde 2007. Again this year they will be at Roskilde Festival.

Today they released the video for the first single off the album. It's Bloodbuzz Ohio with the magnificent chorus ("I still owe money/ To the money/ To the money I owe") where Matt Berninger addresses the familiar, harrowing financial burdens of adulthood.

Also listen to Bryan Devendorf's drumming - it's absolutely some of the best stuff around right now.

I've also put the video for Apartment Story here. It's one of their very finest indeed.

Link containing lots of The National goodies - click

Bloodbuzz Ohio

The National - "Bloodbuzz Ohio" (official video)

Apartement story

Schoolboy doing Lady Gaga

"This guy must get all the 6th grade bitches" Some schoolboy teaching Lady Gaga a lesson. Impressive. Only fail is that he choose Lady Gaga.

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Orchestra of Jenno

Orchestra of Jenno is musician producer composer Jenno from Copenhagen playing all instruments and making beats mixed up with symphony orchestra.

After years of playing and producing for other bands and artists his debut album is now ready to come out.

Jenno has produced for a lot of artists in Denmark and his solo project honestly sounds too good not to spend a lot of minutes with. I think I would like to go to a concert with this guy - it sounds weird in an odd way!

Go to Orchestra of Jennos Facebook-page or visit him on his MySpace Page

Friday, May 07, 2010

Keith Richards - Umano non Umano - 1969

Eat your heart out Jonny Greenwood. That is indeed Keith Richards in Mario Shifano’s 1969 film Umano non Umano.