Friday, January 29, 2010

The Feelies

I've been listening quite a bit to The Feelies lately. A relatively unknown , but highly influential New Jersey-band that operated from the late 70's till the beginning of the 90's. If you don't know them, think part Velvet Underground, part early-days Tom Petty. And sometimes the missing link between Television and REM. Either way, this is good stuff. Far too good to be ignored.

In 2008 they reformed and last year their first two albums - the classic 'Crazy Rhythms' and 'The Good Earth' - were reissued. Here is a snap from the last album, 1991's 'Time for a witness'.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Love's the greatest thing...

In a nostalgic mood I think back on a scene from the great Blur documentary 'No distance left to run' I saw the other day, which showed the great climax of Blur playing 'Tender' at last years Glastonbury festival. Telling a lot about Blur, rock festivals and the beauty of beeing an audience at great concerts.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Submarine Sessions

A lot of our readers already know The Black Cab Sessions - a series of one-song performances by musicians and poets recorded in the back of a black cab and filmed for an internet audience. Now there is a danish alternative - and just as great I'd say.

The musicians in the danish Submarine Sessions aren't huge stars, but up and coming. Some has been around for a long time, some are just starting out. You should check this. A teaser in the YouTube below. And all of the many performances are available from Third Ears website - click here to go to the Submarine Sessions.

Friday, January 22, 2010

A drink in the morning- or evening - with James Yorkston

Another Fence artist, Domino signed singer-songwriter James Yorkston, to be enjoyed with your morning coffee (or nightcap, if you're in another time zone) as you settle yourself in the gloaming.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Eels - 'End Times'

Today is the official release date of the new Eels album, 'End Times'. Once again, Mark Oliver Everett is the indisputable centre of Eels and once again he proves that he is the master of disaster. His best release 'Electro Shock Blues' was made in the wake of his sister's suicide and his mother's fatal cancer. Now, Everett battles his recent divorce resulting in his best album - perhaps since 'Electro Shock Blues'.

End Times' is my first warm recommendation of 2010.
You can stream the entire thing at the Eels website.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Rumour Said Fire

Friday The Rumour Said Fire won a danish music show. Who are we not to celebrate that talented band? Congratulations to the lads. They do great, simple music. This is a recording from the award show friday and the band is playing The Balcony.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Heartless Bastards - oh yeah

When you listen to Erika Wennerstrom sing you just know that she's meant to rock. The power of her voice is seldomly heard in rock and have this incandescent ability to leave you blind and drift in to her musical universe. Heartless Bastards, in which she is vocalist, is one of those bands I regret to have bought and forgotton about. But in the best of luck I found them again and is now blinded. Nothing more to say about that.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Jazzy Waits - Step Right Up from West Germany

It's a doozy that Step Right Up, Mr. Tom Waits. We are in West Germany, in a TV Studio, in Köln.

I went to a matiné with my girlfriend to see The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus and were thrilled by the story and the devil... Mr. Waits. Therefore I had to dig down his street.

-I havn't seen this performance before and I'm so amazed by Waits' be-boppin' street jazzy poetry, the way he is digging the stuff out. Bringing the stuff to the audience. And how about that band? Fuckin' amazing and tight. The sax, the bass, drums... that is beautiful.

Well, the whole album isn't really one of his best, but he always drags me in... into his wild world of all-night diners and dark bars. But again... I can just be me growing up in a small danish town with only one neon-sign saying Steak House...


Tuesday, January 05, 2010

The Indie Laundry 2009 Album Top 10 is here!!

Unlike so many others, the Indie Laundry staff does not present it's awards for the year in October or November. We wait untill the entire year has passed. It may not have been the most memorable year in the history of music - or at least that is the general perception among our little panel - but we have managed to compile a list of our fav's of 2009.

The alt-country rockers-cum-krautrock explorers Wilco not only delivered the concert of the year with an absolutely perfect performance at the Royal Theatre here in Copenhagen in November, they also managed to sneak our collective Album of the Year Award.

Here is the Top 10 in its entirety, followed by video snacks of the first three. Happy new year to all of you.

  1. Wilco / Wilco (The Album)
  2. Pearl Jam / Backspacer
  3. Grizzly Bear / Veckatimest
  4. Bob Dylan / Together through life
  5. Passion Pit / Manners
  6. King Creosote / Flickr the Vs
  7. The Whitest Boy Alive / Rules
  8. Mew / No more stories...
  9. Malcolm Middleton / Waxing Gibbous
  10. The XX / XX

Wilco - Sonny Feeling

Pearl Jam - The Fixer

Grizzly Bear - While you wait for the others

A reminder - The XX on tour

Just a reminder that The XX is touring Europe at the moment. In between the european dates they will take a swing around the world and visit Australia and Singapore. Where ever you are, you might want to go experience them, or maybe not.

If you live in Copenhagen and didn't get a ticket for the concert at Vega, then head for Debaser in Malmø - smaller venue, but still tickets left

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Mr. Bungle - Retrovertigo -

This is Mr. Bungle Retrovertigo for no special reason. Found it, loved it again for it's weirdness.

I had a beautiful second day in the new year and just thought I'd might post something to get this blog up n' running. It's crappy to post old stuff, but this is quality. Remind me of... Well, I ate some selfmade, fantastic vietnamese food doing a great job as a detoxer. That was privat. Well... To the video.

The video 'Retrovertigo' is good in a weird way. It's almost Aphex Twins like in its cinematography. Enjoy Mike Patton and Jeff Dunn. I think this video and song is quite awesome. Read more about Mr. Bungle here!

Enjoy the silence - coffee, cigaret, Hayden, Barzin

Happy New Year, all the good and bad things during the last decade have now left us and stranded in the wrong comfort of hindsight. You can just wonder what happy and terrible things will come round in the next decade - and in what order, if it need to be ordered. But for now, in silence of new years eve, I'll suggest taking a warm cuppa of the coffee and enjoy the comfort of Hayden and Barzin (while smuggling out a cigaret and lightning it behind my - or, if you do the same, your - private curtians)