Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Dear diary, for days i've been peaking

Dear diary,

Today is the day where I've been reading Ryan Adams' blog, for God know how many days! I simply love his art even more (not his paintings though) now that I've been following his ados on his blog. First off this blog was written by himself, then his computer Foggy, then Ryan with another haircolor etc...

Well, unfortunately his blogging from the past weeks has been taken down. It was way funny. Small low-fi-cam videos with Ryan guiding you through his NYC-apartement, but also quite a lot of namedropping. Then the blog died, but now it's back in a more heavy metal-like themestyle. Still interesting, still Ryan... He write about pentagrams, how heavy he is and that he snorred a lot of coke (surprised... naaa...) and how he love Danzig. You will learn more about his heavy metal fetish. (He just luve Slayer). He also writes that he mental holiday in Paris ended up with him reconsidering his thoughts about his new album. Well, is this man never gonna release something? His blogging shows a troubled person, so I guess we should wait a little. While you are waiting, follow the process on his site and enjoy. This dude is lightyears from the rest of his fellow so-important musician-types, in fact so much that he now is my guru.

Danzig absolutely rocks. I listent quite a lot to this band in high school, so check out the video Mother below... Amaaaaazing mistfits! But more important, be a follower... read Ryan.

BTW. He writes this about Celtic Frost: This was the OK Computer of serious metal. Some would say ‘Operation Mindcrime” by Queensryche was, but seriously, it is teetering on Styx that record.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Blitzen Trapped!

A collegue at work introduced me to this fantastic band. I think they introduce themselves quite well: "From outerspace to down at the farm, campfire singalong to dystopic atonal deconstruction, Wild Mountain Nation [newest album] presents a raucous and varied constellation of favorite souvenirs from the Trapper’s musical adventures. Brought forth in a spasm of creative mania, Nation is rough-hewn but lush, crackling (sometimes audibly) with a weird and lucid energy. The album was recorded and arranged by the band themselves, using a dizzying variety of techniques and media, including a secret process learned from friendly extraterrestrials."

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Scout Niblett minimalism

No doubt P.J. Harvey comes to mind when listening to Scout Niblett. But with minimalistic songs (often only her and her guitar) she structures a much more intimate listening experience. It really suits those sundays where even melancholy seems beautiful, where cracks is letting light in.

Enjoy Wolfie and Baby Emma served in the form of a Vincent Moon Take Away Show

Or Scout teaming up with Bonnie "Prince" Billy in Kiss

Friday, April 18, 2008

No question about Why?!

I am falling in love with Why? It's a weird indie-meets-rap band at from the normally hip-hop-based label Anticon . The deeply original band has a lot of hip-hop feel to it, but without the braindead lyrics and clichés of that genre. And still it's rock. Really really cool. Rumors say they are great live - check them out at Loppen, Christiania, Copenhagen 14th of may. Their new album Alopecia is maybe even better than Elephant Eyelash. Stream the album-opener The Vowels pt.2 here or download

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Death Cab wheeling in at Roskilde? Surely!

Death Cab for Cutie is just about ready to release their sixth proper album, called 'Narrow Stairs'. A glance at their tour plan makes a promising sight for people hoping for a repeat of their brillant performance at Roskilde '06. This year Roskilde Festival takes place from July 3rd - 6th and the indie rockers from Seattle play in Norway on the 3rd and Sweden on the 5th. Do the math...

'I will possess you heart' is the single of the upcoming album and it shows a band ready to explore new ground. It's a bit more moody than their last couple of albums but most noticeble it take off with a 4+ minute instrumental intro. This is always a sign of a band with confidence but not always a good idea. Judge for yourself:

Wednesday, April 09, 2008


Pitchfork has now launched a pitchfork.tv channel. It's really indie, so we are by nature really scared that this only will target people between 13-21. We will follow the situation closely and report back if anything good happens there.

Friday, April 04, 2008

The Teenagers and human pacmen

Sorry for our stupid lazyness according to our lack of updates here on Indie Laundry. This is The Teenagers and they might not be the usual recommendation, but your musical sommerlier is so busy these days. But this song Homecoming is kind of fun and some fans even wants to get killed by them. Their awesomeness is so cool that the proportions of this band exceeds epic grandness. If you are in doubt, check this blog to witness the tens of thousands of words connected to this li'l band. It's nice and below you can comfort yourself in these spring times with some japanese gameshow, which I personally believe is better than the real thing. Have a nice weekend - hope it won't really eat you. Indie Laundry will be back.

  • The Teenagers - Homecoming

  • Tuesday, April 01, 2008

    Hola Shica!

    Trying to use a day of fever in a good way. Then why not put some alternative flamenco on our indie-blog? Why? Because I saw this video in Spain last spring, an was caught by the flamenco-beat. I tried to find the cd i Granada, but no luck. Now I see they are playing this summers Roskilde Festival. I really hope to be chilling out to their concert this summer. Give it a go - La Shica: Zingara Rapera.