Friday, June 29, 2007

Robyn - Konichiwa Bitches

It's my last day at work before a two week holiday - including Roskilde Festival! - and why not begin the day by... not working. So here's a little something for you all: I have always had a weakness for Swedish singer Robyn. Throughout her decade-long career she has put out a respectable bunch of simply irresistable pop tunes.

Even though not brand new, it is definitely worth lending your ear and eye to her latest video 'Konichiwa Bitches'. I may not like much pop but when it is this fun and creative, I surrender.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Kula Shaker disguised as Bruce Lee mp3

I don't know about you, but I had quite an addiction to Kula Shaker when they released K back in 1996. I loved the organ riffs and their instrumental skills making some of the singles excellent blasts of colorful neo-psychedelia. In the long run, I was kind of annoyed by all the mysticism and Indian spirituality and the record ended way back in my collection. In fact I began to hate the band. Too much repeating on the Sanskrit-textet Tattva and organ-driven Govinda too me, but now this band might win me back - at least for a while.
I dug into the news that they are putting Strangefolk out in august. And by the looks of the top notch video Second Sight I'm pretty pleased. Also about the music. It takes me back to the 90's post-britpop era reminding me of Hurrican #1 and still twists with phychedelia swirling guitars. The video and music of Second Sight combined gives me strong associations to the late 60's music and to none other than Austin Power! Their new take on the tune shows ironi and humour and that is enough for me to embrace them once more. Just for the fun of it, because I don't ever think that I will be a fullblown Kula Shaker fan. But, you go Crispian Mills in you Bruce Lee Enter The Dragon-style!

Note: While googling around I found that the British political magazine Open Eye in the spring of 1997 denounced Mills as one of Britain's "New Age Nazis", revealing that Mills' unsuccessful previous band, the Objects of Desire, had used the motto "England will rise again", and had performed at a 1993 conference at Wembley called "Global Deception" where speakers included the anti-semitic propagandist Eustace Mullins and the American writer and conspiracy theorist William Cooper. Link here. Well, just if you're interested!

  • Kula Shaker - Second Sight

  • Sunday, June 24, 2007

    Review warm up to Roskilde '07

    While we raincheck the unrelieable but still exiting weathersite of Accuweather for weathernews for the Roskilde Festival, you might want to read a little something on some of the bands recent liveperformances.
    The mother of all crazy summerfestivals - The Glastonbury Festival - is ending tonight with The Who playing. 180.000 people are there! In mud! Glasto has some of the same acts that soon will enter danish ground. So here is link for reviews. I would have liked to hear Conor Oberst shout "Can you turn that violin up?", but hell, I'm more than satisfied with the years Roskilde programe.

    Pearl Jam returns

    This Tuesday is going to be something special... For the first time since the tragic death of nine young men during their concert at Roskilde Festival in 2000, Pearl Jam is finally ready to play in Denmark again. Having attended that dreadful event, Tuesday surely will be a occation for massive goose bumbs attacks and a time to pay respect to the families of the nine.

    Musically, since their explosive burst onto the top of rock stage in ´92, the grunge veterans have found a steady and more healthy level of succes. Accomplished later albums such as 'Riot Act' and 'Pearl Jam' is proof of a band that masters the combination of maturity and inner rock'n'roll fire.

    All along Pearl Jam has steadily grown into a world class live act. This awesome site contains career spanning recordings of their live shows. Finally, here is little gem showing Pearl Jam at Roskilde 1992 -at the zenith of their popularity!

    Sunday, June 17, 2007

    Ryan Adams in Paris

    In two weeks time, the coolest kid on the planet Mr. Ryan Adams and his Cardinals, release the eagerly anticipated 'Easy Tiger'. They have already begun touring it which recently included a small European tour. The fantastic fansite Ryan Adams Archive is always packed with bootleg torrents and can now offer a stunning, piano-based concert from Paris, June 3rd. If audio is not enough, then go here and watch five 'Easy Tiger' songs from the concert + interviews.

    Due to a recent skateboard accident (sic!) you'll see Ryan not doing anything but singing and making a few trademark weird hand signs. And what's almost even more noticable: the man is unpeccably dressed in a suit and well-combed.
    These few songs only raise my already extremely high expectations. All of them seem capable of becoming future favorites but especially "Halloween Head" has got me by the balls. Dig it here in the studio version:

    Saturday, June 16, 2007

    The magic of festivals

    With the music festival season getting underway, NME has collected a bunch of more or less great festival moments. If you don't bother to watch them all, I will recommend Queens of the Stone Age with Dave Grohl showing what a beast of a drummer he really is. If only he would join them for good.
    Also, you shouldn't miss a catastrophically dressed Michael Stipe misspronouncing Thom Yorke's name. Finally, Flaming Lips live must never be missed, even when Wayne Coyne has a rather bad throat - I can't wait to experience their magic at the upcoming Roskilde Festival.

    Thursday, June 07, 2007

    M Ward and friends...

    M Ward at Conan with Neko Case and Jim James. Fuckin sweet. Gonne see him support Norah Jones in August. I just wonder why it isn't her supporting him. Go figure!

    Tuesday, June 05, 2007

    Roskilde 07 – A personal mp3-guide

    Here are my recommedations for your Roskilde 07 ultimate experience. Click the artist’s name for a mp3 taster!
    Brian Jonestown Massacre
    Don’t miss the fantastic songwriter Anton Newcombes chaotic band. Guaranteed entertainment!
    Arcade Fire
    Neon Bible is the second best album in 2007 so far.
    Cold War Kids
    New and cool rock.
    Camera Obscura
    Belle and Sebastian go home!
    Roky Erickson
    A sad story with a happy end.. hopefully.
    The National
    Never has boring music sounded better!
    Holly Golightly
    Still got the blues...
    Soulsavers feat. Mark Lanegan
    Mark Lanegans vocal makes all artists better.
    Best album in 2007 – without a doubt.

    +Flaming Lips, Björk, Grizzly Bear, Artic Monkeys, LCD Soundsystem, Whistest Boy Alive, etc. -
    Allready got stress....!