Monday, July 31, 2006

Beatles and the Revolver - a pdf-book

Ray Newman is a superfan of the Beatles. He has written a e-book on Revolver, which were released in august, '66. It's good stuff.

Ray Newman - Abracadabra (pdf)

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Knife - Tretemoller remix and Marble dance electro

Producer and electrified dj Anders Trentemöller have done some pretty good twists to the new single 'We Share Our Mothers Health" from electropop duo The Knife. That whole album is quite fantastic with björkish vocals, distorted synth and spaceyness.
The Knife are the sibling duo that penned the song "Heartbeats" that their good friend Jose Gonzalez have had massive success with. Their new album is overwhelming but rewarding as a pumping live dj-set with people behind the decks reinventing the sometimes sterile and stereotypically elements of electro music. Knife are putting new tunes and intelligencia into dance music.
Don't be square - try it out! It's much deeper than it sounds and will do good in any musicloving heart.

The Knife - We Share Our Mothers Health, Trentemoller-remix(mp3)

The Knife - Marble House (mp3)

Lis er Stille

Up until last Saturday evening I had only heard rumours about a band called Lis er Stille; that they were the opening act at this years Spot-festival, and that David Fricke spoke enthusiastically about the concert and made them his pick of the month in Rolling Stone magazine. And as we all know rumours tend to promise more than they can keep. But not in this case. The really caught the audience in a good vibe and delivered a genuine well-played concert with some mind-lifting, heavenly peaks ("Styrke" being the mindblowing part). Don´t hesitate to listen to their debut record The Construction of the AmpTrain at (all of it), or better: buy it at itunes or at your local record shop (if you can). You will hear music that has a lot of inspiration from bands like Sigur Rós, Death Cab for Cutie, Mew, Múm and the alikes, but still with some originality - and some pent-up aggressiveness.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Charlotte Gainbourg - new album mp3

Charlotte Gainsbourg, daughter of notorious Serge Gainsbourg, is set to release album 5:55 late august.
Maybe a bit worried about how to follow up she brings in the pros. Air, Jarvis Cocker and the Divine Comedy's Neil Hannon contribute with lyrics, and David Campbell (aka Beck's dad) arranges strings on the album. Nigel Godrich produces. From listening to this mp3 it all looks very very bright for the girl:
Charlotte Gainsbourg - The Songs That We Sing (mp3)

Friday, July 14, 2006

Sleep Sweet by Home Video

Astoundingly good song from Home Videos new album. Video: A man slides into the forest and levitates while asleep.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Copenhagen Jazz Festival : Will Brad Mehldau play Paranoid Android in Copenhagen?

Due to the summer heat and the magnificent dEUS concert at the Roskilde Festival 2006, I don´t seem to get inspired musically at the moment, or at least not within the genre-area, that I usually like. So maybe I should go see Brad Mehldau at this years Copenhagen Jazz Festival, the contemporary jazz icon who is infamous for his interpretation of classic rock and folk songs by Radiohead, Nick Drake, Paul Simon and the Beatles, just to kickstart my own personal rave through concerts in the fall. I´ll bet it could be good! Or it better be, considering that Mehldau once said: "Radiohead don´t make rock, they make jazz".

Where does Brad Mehldau play this year: Here

Jimmy Tamborello aka James Figurine aka Dntel aka half the Postal Service

You might know him from The Postal Service, but maybe also as James Figurine? Well, his name is Jimmy Tamborello!
Yesterday he released Mistake Mistake Mistake Mistake as James Figurine.
Tamborello, who also does electropop as Dntel, (newly signed at Seatlle label Sub Pop.
Tamborello has made an album more filled with minimalist techno and slightly more club-oriented compositions than he's done before. So the blend is not in favor of lowkey guitar-indie this time, but more laidback steelcold synth electro.
He says, he is influenced greatly by German label Kompakt. The result is quite layered with a techno'ish feel and full of no vocals and beeps and drones. It's a bit more diverse and unfocused than I hoped for, but the effort is - so far I've come in the listening - really nice and worth the try.
There's a cold feel to the synth, and in moments its really poppy. For example in All the way to China, which has my favorite guy Erlend Oye on it. Jenny Lewis, who must be the artist Most Likely to Guest on Any Album - is also on the tracks with sighs and coos.
While the album is good, we're looking forward to his new debut for Sub Pop label, which is said will include cameos from Conor Oberst, Grizzly Bear, Mia Doi Todd, Jenny Lewis, and all your favorite indie rock all stars.
Buy the Mistake Mistake Mistake Mistake here.

James Figurine - All the way to China (w/ Erlend Oye) (mp3)

James Figurine - 55566688833 (mp3)
James Figurine - You Again (w/ Jenny Lewis)
The Postal Service - Against All Odd (mp3)

Monday, July 10, 2006

End summer, end...

I can't wait for the fall. Almost every week the mailman will bring new and interesting music from some of my favorite artists - among others:
August 7 - Paris Hilton
August 22 - Lambchop, M. Ward
August 29 - Bob Dylan
September 19 - Bonnie Prince Billy
September 26 - Lemonheads (?), Sparklehorse

Some oldies, but all goodies!!

Mixtape: The Trip - Jarvis Cocker & Steve Mackey

Two cd-compilation The Trip from Family Recordings suddenly fell into my hand. I almost dropped it. There's so much different stuff from the archives going on here, compiled by Pulp-people Jarvis Cocker & Steve Mackey, that it almost drowns you. There is shit - David Essex, Neil Sedaka for instance!, but overall this compilation is top ace.
It's a really folksy, countrified, rockabilly and tenderhearted curation about people, relationships and how lovers slip away, meet up and slips away and meet up and... It's quite compelling and I'm quite happy to the fact that Cocker and Mackey has put this soundtrack of life's little wonders and terrors together. Some of my favorites:

Bonnie Dobson - Winter's Going (mp3)

Dory Previn - The Lady With the Braid (mp3)
Moondog - Pastoral (mp3)
Dion covers Purple Haze in a easylistening way (mp3)!

Buy the compilation here: here

For more Jarvis Cocker news, tjeck his MySpace, where he has a new song and some news he wants to share...

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Science of sleep

New movie Science of sleep byMichel Gondry is set for release in Denmark 6. october.
Gondry is a favorite music video director of mine, and I loved Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind. Looking forward to Science of sleep, which - again - looks pretty arty and dreamy. I'm a bit worried if all the dreamy creativity will go out of hand, but well... It's also the fascinating part of his pictures.
The Science of Sleep takes a look at dreams, how people come together in romantic relationships and the communcation gaps that haunt us all.
Soundtrack has Death Cab for Cutie on it.

Trailer: Science of sleep (mov)

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

I heart Roskilde

One word about Roskilde Festival: Awesome! Brilliant!
Even though I didn't have a media-access ticket and had to spend five days and nights in a pigsty with people, who were dirty, acted obscene and in general drank cases of beers, it was absolutly just pure entertainment and anarchy in one big mix. Only problem - it's harder than ever returning to what people describes as reality.
This years festival is one of the absolut best, I've been to - eight Roskilde Festivals so far. Indie-buddy Mogens asked me earlier today why the hell mall Frederiksberg Centeret doesn't have a Gringo Bar, and it sucks. We miss it as our grandmothers gravy.
One thing I don't miss though is the reviews in festival paper from MetroXpress, which were sold (!). The reviews were done by a danish musicmagazine called Soundvenue. Even when I was pissdrunk I hated the language. So poorly written.

Well. I heart Roskilde. I miss the concerts I didn't go to, the one's who got me by the balls (Two Gallants, Raconteurs, Wolfmother, Roger Waters, Tool, DeUS, Figurines etc... ), the shitty food, the long nights raving around speaking to wacky chicks and all the beautiful sunshine, crazy people and festival officials. Bless.

Wolfmother - Mother (mp3) (pix)

Sunday, July 02, 2006

New EP from Boards of Canada

Trans Canada Highway, the new EP from Boards of Canada has just been released, it comes bundled with a DVD containing the video for "Dayvan Cowboy", watch the video below:

  • Buy Trans Canada Highway from Amazon
  • "Dirty Paper Cup" released

    Hafdis Huld has finally released her new album "Dirty Paper Cup", you might remember my post about her silver spandex video back in March.

    I'm quite pleased with the album, simple little songs with witty lyrics - very girly. The songs are all very minimal, just guitar/banjo plucking complimenting her sweet voice. Everything is quite pink and very sugar coated - not too much that it rots your teeth though. Very fitting for a sunday afternoon.

    I guess Hafdis decided to build the new website herself along with some friends, so it's a bit shit - but I found some tracks from the new album on there for you to download:

  • Download Tomoko
  • Download Fucked Up Mind
  • Download Who Loves The Sun
  • Saturday, July 01, 2006

    The Humbucking Coil

    Well, I guess while some of us get to party their asses off at Roskilde, others have to work! - enough self-pity for now and on with the post ;)

    B. Fleischmann started out as a drummer in Vienna, touring Austia with different bands until early 1998 when he decided to dedicate himself to making electronic music. You can still hear his background clearly though his music as his songs tend to be alot warmer than the usual electronic tracks with guitar strings and use of analogue instruments.

    He just released a new album this year "The Humbucking Coil" on Morr records. Check out the video for "Gain" below.

  • Download First Times (from "The Humbucking Coil")
  • More downloads at his official site
  • Buy The Humbucking Coil from Amazon