Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Do take the week off and take a drink, Macolm Middleton will be entertaining

In the beginning of June I jumped the plane and flew to London for the Malcolm Middleton concert at I.C.A. I hadn't been to the I.C.A. before and was really surprised by the venue.
Malcolm didn't surprise me. He just delivered an amazing concert. It was expected in the light of his best record to date, his 5th solo record Waxing Gibbous. It's one of those record you just want to play again and again (if you close your ears for the small parts that could have used a second thought before being released), especially Box and knife, Shadows, Carry me, Ballad of fuck all, and Subset of the world, stands out in this mere folked pop-rock masterpiece.
First take a look and listen at this promotion (?) video.

Then grab a listen (and a look) at these two tracks.

Now go buy Waxing Gibbous and get a look at the bright side of the blurry parts of life. And don't forget, is going to be christmas again!