Thursday, November 26, 2009

Homegame 2010 - get some scenic view and some great music and ... in Scotland ... maybe

Now back to Skotland, more specifically to Cellardyke, Fife. King Creosote is the one half behind the DIY label Fence Records (the other half being The Pictish Trail). Fence Records have for the last six years arranged their Homegame - in their own words, their annual music bash in Anstruther, Fife, where artists from Fence Records aswell as other up-and-coming artists plus special guests will make the small community a vibrant and happy place (which it might already be, but those days even more) with a lot of music and probably even more beers. I don't know, it sounds like a really good place to be when it's cold (watch out warm places around the world, there might not be any people around for a day or two next year ... and extremly crowded at the edge of Fife, Scotland)

I will not try to describe or put a general label on the type of music Fence Records publish (even though many of the artist twist their way round a folkish base) and for that reason neither what you can expect to hear at Homegame 2010 (though it might well have a folkish glimpse - and many other glimpse). Homegame 2009 line up was these bands. You could expect to hear some the same bands again plus a whole lot more (maybe Aidan Moffat & Th Best Of?). But most definitely you will get to hear King Creosote play his new unreleased My Nth Bit Of Strange In Umpteen Years (which is only going to be released if you will help record it).