Friday, June 25, 2010

Warning about Beach House at Roskilde Festival - tip #1

Warning: Don't catch Beach House at Roskilde Festival 2010! Or at least read on to learn about another great act, playing in another tent at the same time!

We will the next days post a couple of small VIP-tips for the upcoming Roskilde Festival. News you can use!

Right now everybody is planning which acts to catch when. This mini-guide will ensure you maximum fun with maximum musical input.

And why not start the guide with a warning about Beach House. We absolutely love their third album Teen Dream, but this act is set to play at Pavilion saturday at 19.00. The problem? Well the stage is the smallest of the stages at Roskilde and you can be absolutely sure that this tent will be hot as hell and not as airy and relaxed as the sound. Another argument - at least if you live in the Copenhagen area - is that Beach House will play one more concert in Denmark this year. At the venue Vega 12. of november.

 So why not do something else, which could be tres cool?

Drag your drunk body to the largest of the tent, same time, Green Stage 19.00. Catch Bad Lieutenant. This band consists of former New Order lead singer Bernard Sumner and guitarist Phil Cunningham, along with Jake Evans of Rambo and Leroy.

As you all are aware New Order combined post-punk and electronic dance. If you take a look at this setlist Bad Lieutenant it's the place to be if you're into one of the absolutely most critically acclaimed bands of the 1980s. I mean, Joy Division AND New Order music from Bernard Sumner? The band Bad Lieutenant has one album out and it's not bad either, even though I personally like New Order better. Well. This was tip #1!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

World Cup music

The World Cup is only one day away and I think it is something we should mark here at Indie Laundry. What better way to do that than looking back at the best football song ever - New Order's 'World in Motion' from 1990, featuring vintage rapping from Watford, Liverpool & England star John Barnes. And of course the insanely catchy 'EN-GER-LAND' chorus.

May the best team win.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Roskilde warm-up: Local Natives

I didn't know these guys before I checked the Roskilde line-up. At first they looked to hip-I-got-a-moustache-animal-afro-indie to my taste. But after a few spins I get really sucked into the charm in these songs. I imagine they could deliver a wonderful afternoon-show at Roskilde! Try it out!