Thursday, February 28, 2008

Shakey's coming!

Ok, I know Rasmus already posted on this but I just have to give my two cents on Neil Young's double header here in Copenhagen tonight and tomorrow. Tomorrow will be the one for us at Indie Laundry and I'm almost peeing myself in excitement.

What better way to mark this than to broadcast two of my absolute Young favorites. 'Cinnamon Girl' is, of course, a classic. Its estatic one-note guitar solo is arguably the most kinky solo ever. The somewhat lesser known 'Ambulance Blues' is pure genious as well, yet completely different and one of Young's many lenghty masterpieces. Favorite detail: the sirening strings that adds a chilling and beautiful mood:

  • Neil Young - Ambulance Blues

  • Sigur Rós to play Roskilde Festival

    We like to bring good news. The news is that Sigur Rós will be announced to play Roskilde Festival this year. The information has not been confirmed by the festival itself, but it will be. Our source is as close as can be to the band, and it's 99% sure. He reports also that almost every song on their new album is done, except from lyrics and features less strings, no bow and more guitar.

  • Sigur Rós - Svefn-G-englar
  • Wednesday, February 27, 2008

    Neil Young warm up

    This friday is Y-day at Indielaundry. One of the greatest songwriters of all time is gonna visit Copenhagen. We have seen him before at Orange Stage at Roskilde Festival, but never at a intimate show like the one on friday. A little setlist-research shows, that we can keep our hopes high. On the Continental Tour 2008 he plays two sets - a acoustic/solo set and an electric. A concert-form he has been using since the seventies, like the famous Filmore East show in 1970. The sets presents some of the best songs of his career - all the way back to Buffalo Springfield and at some concerts he even plays the Squires-song 'The Sultan' which was from his first bands first single from 1963. But we can expect a great variation of new and old. And personally I look forward to some of his greatest unreleased songs like 'Sad Movies' and 'Try'. Take a look at these songs from the concert a week ago in Amsterdam. The quality is not excellent, but the music is...

    Tuesday, February 19, 2008

    She and Him mp3

    Personal favorite M. Ward has teamed up with beautiful actress Zooey Deschanel. It looks and sounds swell! The album is to be released on the 18th of march.

    Saturday, February 09, 2008

    Brian Jonestown Massacre and My Bloody Underground videos

    While we are waiting for the thirteenth(!) full-length Brian Jonestown record to be released on april 15., this video just came in from one of the fanboys. The quality is of course YouTube handheld shite, but you can in fact hear that Anton and the other fools is swinging.

    I'm just really into BJM at the moment. Their double retrospective Tepid Peppermint Wonderland sums them up so well: Attitude, psychedelic-era excess, epic cunts, mastery, shoegazing wankers, tambourine gays, and something... more... brilliant that is. And drunk. And controversial and just plain bliss.

    So if you don't already know these guys the list below will convince you that they are mad. The list is complete tracklisting for their upcoming album with video-interpretations from Mr. Newcombe himself. Enjoy?!

    01 Bring Me The Head Of Paul McCartney On Heather Mill’s Wooden Peg (Dropping Bombs On The White

    02 Infinite Wisdom Tooth / My Last Night In
    Bed With You

    03 Who Fucking Pissed In My Well?
    04 We Are The Niggers Of The World
    05 Who Cares Why
    06 Yeah-Yeah
    07 Golden-Frost
    08 Just Like
    Kicking Jesus

    09 Ljosmyndir
    10 Automatic
    Faggot For The

    11 Darkwave Driver / Big Drill Car
    12 Monkey Powder
    13 Black hole Symphony

    (mp3)    Dropping Bombs On The White House (demo)

    Thursday, February 07, 2008

    Intermission with Stevie Wonder

    A vintage pick from the 80's. This won't happen anymore, but it is just a relly exellent song!

    R.E.M - Supernatural Superserious

    To me R.E.M is like an old friend you never really leave even though it has dissapointed you several times. I've been buying every album they have released since 1991, so of course I'm curious, even though their last album was downright terrible.
    Being back with a new album very soon this first take sound refreshing and convincingly super decent. At least the guitar is back!
    So check this first single from Peter Buck, Mike Mills, and Michael Stipe out. It's from the forthcoming Accelerate.
    On Monday, February 11th, REMHQ will announce details of R.E.M.'s forthcoming European tour.

  • R.E.M - Supernatural Superserious
  • A little bonus (15/2-2008). The video for Supernatural Superserious directed by Vincent Moon. And if you up for some movie editing, then go . Here you can download all the shooting for the video and then make you own edition of Supernatural Superserious music video.

    Monday, February 04, 2008

    Aural bliss from The Superimposers

    Of course it's possible to come from the countryside and still be mighty in a very laidback kind of way. The Superimposers is that kind of duo and I just learned about them on one of my favorite BBC-programmes - The Joy of Music with Sean Rowley. Now I'm pretty much mellowed down in the basement by these two guys.

    The duo is Dan Warden and Miles Copeland and they are releasing the album 'Harpsichord treacle' in a few days time.
    The duo plunder the sunshine pop of the 1960's but also finds that showers and shadows is a part of the weathersystem.
    Altogether the mix is very laidback - dj-style - mellow and surfish. The kind of tunes you'd like in your ears on a summerbreeze while on the beach.
    The Superimnposers mixes different genres and to me this aural montage, or whatever you'll call it, draws back a lot on some of the nuggets from the 60's. It has Brian Wilson, Gene Clark, but also some Spritulized and stuff like that to it.
    What I really like about this stuff is that it's so full of warmth and lush symphonic production that you can't help being pleased. Also the vintage instrumentation is spot on. I think these guys deserves more press, so I can't really recommend them enough. In their genre they rock.

    The release is on their own brandnew label Wonderfulsound.

  • The Superimposers - Golden

  • Saturday, February 02, 2008

    Helsinki is the new Seattle - about complaints choirs

    I never heard about complaints choirs until the other day. And they are just priceless!

    Those complaints choirs are formed to give voice to the complaints of a community. One of the best ones around the globe - these choirs are everywhere! - is the complainers from Helsinki. They are griping about everything from ready-to-assemble furniture, boring dreams, sauna etiquette, icehockey loses to sweden and ringtones in public.

    This concept is very interesting in several ways. This is really social networking in it's finest hour. Bring together some angry consumers, start a choir and add some tunes and you've created a music mashup piece. This concept is grown in the underground, but recently BBC started something similar, taking somewhat credit for the idea, which really can't surprise any since public service concepts these days are pure stolen material. So pay your respect to the inventor, finnish artist Tellervo Kalleinen.

    The BBC's Complaints Choir on "The One Show"
    Jerusalem Complaints Choir