Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The La's Revisited

British group The La's is one of rock history's more enigmatic tales. After bursting into fame with the album "The La's", led by the single "There she goes" in 1990, they disappeared even more suddenly. Apparently, this was down to band leader Lee Mavers whose notorious perfectionism so far has forbidden him to release a successor to their masterpiece.

A few live performances in recent years has sparked the hope for new material from this band that very well could be described as the godfathers of 90's brit-pop (Noel Gallagher has expressed his adorance of the group on several occasions).

You can have a short introduction to this stunning band and their album listening to this BBC-feature, narrated by a dude with a thick Irish accent.

Also, check out this appearance from a 1990 tv show. You should be able to get the names of the two songs by spotting the subtle signs in the beginning of each.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Emotional Japanese Rockers

Mono are a instrumental post-rock group from Tokyo Japan made up by four members: Tamaki, Takaakira Goto, Yoda and Yasunori Takada

Mono sounds a bit like Instrumental Sigur-Rós and Mogwai. Their music is full of intense emotions, with the highest of highs and the darkest of lows. Their songs build with waves of crashing cymbals over consistant drums, then exploding with hard hitting electric guitars that leave you in awe.

On their way to folding one thousand paper cranes for humanity they released their latest album "You Are There" in late 2005. The album was produced by Steve Albini, famous for his recording techniques and has produced albums for bands such as: Pixies, Breeders, Nirvana, PJ Harvey, Smog, Low, Will Oldham and Mogwai (to name a few).

I highly recommend downloading some mp3s and checking this band out for your self!

  • Yearning
  • A Heart Has Asked for the Pleasure
  • The Flames Beyond the Cold Mountain [Edit]

  • Further information
    Official Page
    Unofficial Myspace page

    Saturday, August 26, 2006

    Independent women aka some cats in front of a pub

    Three weeks of pasta-cruising in Italy has left me musically numb and uninspired. Maybe therefore Elbow's cover of Destiny's Child's Independent Women, performed by Joel Veitch's northern kittens outside The Gun public house, is the stepstone to get me back on track. This sure is a pleaser.

    Friday, August 25, 2006

    New Ratatat album released

    Mike Stroud and Evan 'E*vax' Mast, better known as "Ratatat" released their second album "Classics" on August 22nd. The album has gotten rave reviews already, contrast to their overlooked self titled album released in 2004.

    I'm hard pressed to describe their unique music style, found a very witty description on Blender that I think says it all
    "Ratatat lay squealing metal harmonies over choppy Neptunes-style dance thumps, then break into pastoral waves of keyboard tone, riding dub tempos and hip-hop struts. They're crotch-pumping arena pimps and introverted minimalists..."
    Mike and Evan first met at Skidmore College and wrote and recorded the first album in Evan's Brooklyn apartment. They have toured with Interpol, Clinic, The Killers and Mouse on Mars to name a few. I saw Ratatat when they played Airwaves in 2005 and have listened to their first album regularly since then.

    Get some mp3s
  • Wildcat
  • Wildcat (E*vax Remix)
  • Lex
  • Ghettysburg
  • Further reading

    Monday, August 21, 2006

    Introducing: Bela

    Icelandic singer / songwriter / visual artist Baldur, better known as Bela will be releasing his first album internationally later this month.

    Bela started out as a guitarist, playing in various bands, with musical styles ranging from death-metal to electro in the Icelandic music scene. He soon began recording his own songs at home and singing them himself (something he never did in the bands). These songs he recorded were kind off a nod off to the music he grew up listening to (before the teenage Metal obsession kicked in).

    To me his music has a rich Glasgow influence, remenicent of "Reindeer Section" and "Snow Patrol" which makes sense, since he's been living over there studying music for the past 2 ears and playing vearious clubs. I'd describe Bela's music as well produced guitar melodies and laid back vocals wrapped up in simplicity.

    The album "Hole and Corner" will be released through a young Glasgow label, "Say Dirty records" on August 27th.

    Watch the video to "Ticket for a Train"

    Get some mp3s:
  • Tune
  • Down

    More information at Bela's Myspace page.
  • Friday, August 18, 2006

    Old Joy - a new road movie featuring Will Oldham

    Film Director Kelly Reichardt has made a new film, called "Old Joy" about two friends - played by Daniel London and our hero Will Oldham a.k.a. Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - on a camping trip. Curious? Then go to the film's web site and check out the trailer.

    This one has written 'Must see!!!' all over it. I would really like to know how such a trip would turn out. Although I love Oldham/Billy as an artist, his mass murder-esque looks would rule out ANY chance for me to join him out into the Oregon wilderness. Judging from the trailer, it sure seems like the movie plays a bit on just that.

    According to my knowledge, there isn't any information about when or if "Old Joy" will reach Denmark.

    Love Your Bum

    Icelander Eberg has been living in the UK studying sound engineering and released his second album "Voff Voff" earlier this year (Icelandic for a dog's bark). BBC's The Blue Room have been playing a track from the album "Love your Bum" relentlessly - and have featured it on their recent compilation. It's all about nappies and wipes apparantly.

    The "Voff Voff"album has gotten rave reviews in most publications such as Q Magazine, The Independent, The Times, Music Week.

  • "Love Your Bum"
  • "I'm Moving to Wales"
  • "Inside Your Head"
  • Iceland Airwaves have announched that he will be playing the festival this year - so there's yet another reason for you to attend.
    Eberg's Official Site
    Iceland Airwaves
    The Blue Room

    Thursday, August 17, 2006

    Tuesday, August 15, 2006

    Jim's Tower of Love

    Quirky british Jim Noir has finally released a full length album "Tower of Love". I've been following this guy since I got my hands on a weird 7" release of "My Patch". The album is everything you would expect and more - simple childlike lyrics that are loaded with humour sung over some of the happyest indie guitars I've ever heard.

    For those of you that like to try before you buy, here are a few mp3s for you to download:
  • Eany Meany
  • How to be so Real
  • My Patch

  • For some further reading and videos:
  • Jim's Myspace
  • Barsuk Records on Jim
  • Jim's Official Site
  • Monday, August 14, 2006

    Promising tunes...

    Take a listen to the new Sparklehorse-song, Don't Take My Sunshine. Really looking forward for the new long-play record from that genius. Release the 26th of September.

    Stylus magazine's Top 100 Videos of All Time

    Well, well, this seems to catching on with the big sites - making a best-of music video list with links to YouTube. First we cought Pitchfork doing it back in June, and now Stylus Magazine is at it.

    Friday, August 11, 2006

    Trabant ready with their new album

    Trabant's five members come from very different backgrounds in the Reykjavik music scene: One rap producer with the sailors blood pumping; a death metal guru, a crazy in the head champion DJ; a preachers son and the former boyband star. Together, all these influences explode in the mighty Trabant.

    For the past nine years in various guises, Trabant have worked in each others pockets endlessly circulating the Reykjavik music scene.

    Trabant's latest album "Emotional" will be released soon on Southern Fried Records. Check out the video for their single "One" below.

    Trabant @ Myspace

    Thursday, August 03, 2006

    Covers Art

    Don't get your information wrong. The new Grant Lee Phillips cover-album is great. Top eighties-music stripped for ugly sound and all the good songs magically transformed to beautiful alt. country. I love it...

    Grant Lee Phillips - Love My Way
    Grant Lee Phillips - Wave of Mutilation
    Grant Lee Phillips - Boys Don't Cry

    Wednesday, August 02, 2006

    Old man take a look at yourself...

    In the latest Uncut Magazine Paul Simon has some comments on the rock icons still going strong. 'The Rolling Stones are incredibly entertaining, but they're not acting their age. They're parodying what they were and that's what people want to see'! Well, I guess he is kind of right. On the other hand he gives credit to artists like Bob Dylan and Tom Waits for still being truely inovative and to Neil Young for being sincere in his anger towards Bush. And damm he is right. I think he could calmly ad Elvis Costello at the list of artist who do not sell out. And the question remains... How about Paul Simon himself?

    Buy the re-released Costello albums for only 6.99£ at Play
    Take a look at the rich and interesting Neil Young anti-Bush site here. See also preview on a documentary on the Living with War- Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young tour going on in the states right now and listen to his latest album.
    Pre-order the new Dylan here. Release the August 28.
    And good bless mr. Waits for being Tom Waits.

    Golden Smog, Wilco, Interpol and perhaps... Ryan Adams.

    After a month of sun, sun, sun where your time was best spend relaxing at the beach, now the rain is here... But not to worry! These warm, sunny weeks has offered some to some very exciting news on some of our favourite bands.

    First of all, Golden Smog - an on-the-side group consisting of members of The Jayhaws, Soul Asylum and Wilco - has released Another Fine Day this week.

    This means that Jeff Tweedy is one busy man these days. Besides the Golden Smog release, he is also sweating in the studio with his main group Wilco working on their up-coming album, due early 2007.

    Meanwhile, the faboulous New Yorkers Interpol is also preparing an up-coming release early next year - despite they admit to having broken up four (!) times.

    Last - but far from least - apparently my favourite wild-child, mess-head, hillbilly anarchist Ryan Adams has decided to keep up his manic record release tempo. Following last year's brilliant triology of "Cold Roses", "Jacksonville City Nights" and "29", the geezer is now contemplating another triple-album attack consisting of the tentatively titled "Blackhole", "War and Peace" and "Cardinals" - named after his backing group.

    To indicate that he's not completely bullshitting, you can listen to the new tune "France" on his website. Here you can also see up-coming tour dates. So far, no Danish visits but that will hopefully change... Anyway, you have the chance to check out his current live form this friday as his show at Lollapalooza will be shown on a live webcast at 4:30-5:30 PM C.S.T. (that should be 23.30-00.30 Danish time).

    Golden Smog - 5-22-02
    Wilco - Muzzle of bees
    Interpol - Evil
    Ryan Adams - Lovesick Blues (Hank Williams cover - live)