Sunday, April 30, 2006

Juliana Hatfield downloads for free

The ever lovely Juliana Hatfield is about to release yet another record. This time around with a group of hers called Some Girls (you can hear samples from the record Fell It here.). But maybe more interesting is the possibility to download a bunch of her own previously unreleased songs, officially and for free (that is if you don´t want to make a donation to the artist who made the song. In this case Juliana).

I don´t know if Juliana Hatfield is a part of the european music lovers minds these days. Has she ever been? I don´t know. But that´s just to bad for those of you who never listen to any of her songs (take the chance now, g.. d.....!). And if you like it, you don't have to worry about not getting more, because Juliana continues to be working hard and releasing. Either on her own, or as a part of Blake Babies or Some Girls .

To give a bit extra to grab your attention I have inserted a video from her first record Hey Babe. It´s called Everybody Loves Me But You. Hmm...

A second chance

For you who missed the great concert last night at Amager Bio with americana-indie band Calexico and alt. country one-man-band Iron and Wine, you have the chance at NPR, where a whole concert is downloadable. And then you are so lucky, that you will avoid the noisy and drunk audience at Amager Bio!!

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Eddie Wedder - Addicted to Rock

As an old grunge-buff like me it was good to read "Addicted to rock"-interview with Eddie Vedder in Rolling Stone magazine. So this is a tribute for all the hours of listening to Pearl Jam during my teens.

One of the alltime greatest Pearl Jam hits for me is:
Elderlywomanbehindacounterinasmalltown (mp3)

Friday, April 28, 2006

The Black Angels

I just discovered this Austin-based band. Having released their debut album "Passover" just about 2 weeks ago, they take a shot at how dark, yet melodic shoegazer-rock anno '06 ought to sound. Not a bad shot, I should think!

Judge for yourself by lending an ear to:

The first Vietnamese War (MP3)

Black Grease (MP3)

Young Men Dead (Link from NPRs All Songs Considered)

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Call it hate, call it love, I call it art

He´s not only able to charme (or insult) Whitney Housten. He is - as mentioned - a big inspiration for a lot of lyricist and musicians, a mentor. It is of course Mr. Gainsbourg, I´m talking about. As a back up for this insistence let me introduce you to Mounsiur Gainsbourg Revisited, a tribute to Serge which contains interpretations by prominet (and artistically different) artists such as Marianne Faithfull, Jarvis Cocker, Tricky, Sly and Robbie, Michael Stipe, Portishead (their first release in 6 years), The Kills, Franz Ferdinand, Marc Almond, Karen Elson, to name but a few.

It wouldn´t be the first time a tribute turned out to be an imberassing slurpy bit of crap that doesn´t hold anything but the ability to make you sick as hell. But luckily now and again there is a tribute which makes you say: “this is why they try again and again”.
Since I bought it I have listened to the record quite a few times and have by now my own favorites. With out telling you what to hear and what to skip (because you should most definitely hear the record from start to finish with out skipping a number – a least the first time!) I must point out that it is a lovely return by Portishead, the reggaeish Lola R. for ever by Marianne Faithfull & Sly and Robbie suits Lola rastaquouere - aswell as Mrs. Faithfull - The Ballade of Melody Nelson by Placebo could make a good soundtrack for drive through the city late at night, L´Hotels theme is perfectly delivered by Michael Stipe, and before I forget: Franz Ferdinand and Jane Birkin makes a genuine rocking start for a tribute to the rocking Serge Gainsbourg with A Song for Sorry Angel.

A last comment not to be ignored should fall on Catpower and Karen Elsons Je t´aime moi non plus, and I must say, that it´s a bit dissapointing. But then again, it is never an easy job to rework a famous song. And in the light of that, I´ll admit, that I have listened to I love You (Me Either) again and again because of the beautyful vocal performances - especially least Karen Elsons vocal (when will she realese a record of her own?). Call it hate, call it love, I call it art.

To hear bits and pieces (and other kinds of things) click here.

Sigur Rós mp3's from Zane Lowe

If you didn't tune into Zane Lowe on BBC 1 yesterday evening or just don't wanna install Real Player as BBC wants you to, you better download this little package below!
The guys from Sigur Rós are performing Hoppípolla live in the studio. Maybe the most commerciel piece ever produced by them and now known to general public thanks to Richard Attenborough’s and Planet Earth on BBC2.
They also do Hey Satan (nothing deamonic here, just means hay stacks in icelandic!) and the all classic, but still utterly beautiful Olsen Olsen from album Ágætis Byrjun from 1998. The recordings are around 150 k/bit. It's awkay for your iPod!

Hey Satan (mp3)

Olsen Olsen (mp3)
Hoppípolla (mp3)

Video for Hoppípolla (.wmv)

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

New stuff from David & The Citizens

On his weblog, David Fridlund from Copenhagen next door city Malmø, is happy! He just received a full scholarship for musicians, artists and actors. You deserve!

Together with his brilliant band David & The Citizens he just put up a track from their new EP 'Are You In My Blood' (out late May/early June) on their Myspace page. This is a nice track.

The band been around for quite some years now. I wonder why I never have seen them live in action. But it's fantastic that this region is blessed with such bands. Also look into their new record label Bad Taste Records. The band consider themselves to be Belle & Sebastian minus the twee, Bright Eyes minus the histrionics and The Decemberists minus the sea shanties... A must try, right?

BoC: Dayvan Cowboy

When The Campfire Headphase from Boards of Canada came out last year, my favorite tune was the hypnotic Dayvan Cowboy. Now BoC has made it into their first music video. And it is quite something. It's beautiful. The music suits the awsome footage of Joseph Kittinger falling with the speed of sound through the atmosphere. The filmgrading is wonderful, but I kind of dislike the transition to the surferdude towards the end.

Dayvan Cowboy (.wmv)

First man in space (Google video)

Fuck you, Bush!

Tomorrow you can stream the new anti-war album Living With War at Neil Youngs homepage. If you can't wait - check out the Rolling Stone preview here. Rumors say he has left the soul searching country-rock for the well known hard-rocking style. This is an angry old man!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Let's get political Olivia Newton John almost sang. Obviously, these times are not for subtle political messages. On the contrary, some of my musical heroes show their feelings for the Bush administration in a very direct way.
First of all, Neil Young is preparing a new record called "Living with war" containing the undoubtable soon-to-be-classic "Let's impeach the President". He will use internet-technology in his marketing plan for this controversial album.
Likewise, the brilliant The Decemberists humorously aired their disgust in the video "Sixteen Military Wiwes". Enjoy that one while waiting for Mr. Young.
BTW: Neil Young speaks out in this CNN interview.

Stop making sense

As follow up on Kristoffers thoughts on soundtracks, I must put in a comment aswell. This is not a soundtrack in the traditional sense of the word, but still... Today I found a very good offer at my local music shop. I got Stop Making Sense by the Talking Heads for the mad price of only 69 danish kroners (about 10$) with seven previously unreleased track. There´s a taster below. And I just keep dancing...

Monday, April 24, 2006

The underrated soundtracks of our life

Everyone has some soundtracks in their music-collection. But what soundtracks are underrated? Bloggers at definetly has some good advice on that one.
Personally I played Air's soundtrack for Virgin Suicides last night. It has a weird meditative quality suited perfectly for this great movie about the Lisbon sisters and their quest for answers in a turbulent American adolescence. Turn on the lava lamp!

Friday, April 21, 2006

Hot Chip: Boy from School

In an earlier post Arnar praised UK collective Hot Chip for their new album 'The Warning' set for release may 23.
A new video for the single Boy from School is ready here (win) Another great track with minimal deconstructed visuals by Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy-director Garth Jennings.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Glasgow wolves

Hey! This sounds nice. Not unlike Arcade Fire with scotish roots. It´s got vocal harmonies, strings and a folkish sound. I dig! Check it out. The name is My Latest Novel.

If you want further info and a few tracks - place your hand on your mouse and press the left bottom till it goes click...!

Omaha in the bloom

At the third Hot Shops Film Festival, a small film festival for film-buffs in the Omaha area (and beyond), there was a category for music videos. Participants had the possibility to make a music video for Criterias Kiss the Wake and Orenda Finks Leave it all, artists, both signed at the influential and internationally acclaimed Omaha-based label Saddle Creek. Make you own oppinion about the videos (and throw a comment here at Indie Laundry). My comment for now must be: thumbs up for the music, film and art scene in Omaha - it´s in the bloom.

The Winners (and the videos):

Jaime O’Bradovich: Kiss the Wake (Criteria)

Rudolf Buitendach: Leave it All (Orenda Fink)

The women on my iPod

I seldom read books by women. The last one was What I loved by Siri Hustvedt. I loved its narrative qualities. I havn't found any women writers since.
It just reminds me, that once I didn't listend to women voices in music either. But, boy... Am I doing that now!
I was surfing my iPod last night and it was like a gigantic singer-song writers orgie! Beautiful!

What they have in common is their narrative qualities, with maybe the exception being Architecture in Helsinki, which I absolutly love for being mad and majestic. Like The Polyphonic Spree or Mercury Reve combined.

The women on my iPod right now are:

Aimee Mann
Architecture in Helsinki
Beth Orton
Cat power
Dicte & The Sugar Bones
Jenny Lewis with The Watson Twins
Neko Case

Bonus: Bittersweet country and artrock with Neko Case and Martha Wainwright in concert for you to download at NPR (mp3)

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Under Byen at Spot Festival

Acclaimed poetic pop-rock band Under Byen from Denmark will guest the excellent Spot Festival in Aarhus. They are well known for great live performances and will present a lot of material from their new album 'Samme Stof Som Stof'. Listen to the single here.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Four Tet to visit Roskilde Festival

It might not be all indie, but it's brilliant kling-klang! The genious behind Four Tet, Kieren Hebden is to visit us at Roskilde Festival.

This guy delievered a brilliant set last year at the same festival tuning his acid powerbook, working the audience all up with obscure folk influented samples, bells and weird whistles. Reconstruction and deconstruction. In a cheesy way called 'folktronica'. To me it's intelligent electronica, laid back, jazzy and at times pretty mad and far out without loosing the melody hook.

Kieren Hebden took of with album Pause and toured with Radiohead, did remixes of Beth Orton and Aphex Twins. This guy rawks, and it's a pleasure that he is set for Roskilde on 1st of july.
Remember to check out his his Myspace as well. Good stuff there.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Such is the duality of the South

A few weeks ago I posted a link to Easy on yourself, the new single of southern rockers Drive-By Truckers. Now, the whole album A Blessing and a Curse is available for streaming. I can only advice you to support this band consisting of a quite rare species: clever hillbillies. I really dig their take-no-crap-let's-play-loud-rock attitude. A Blessing and a Curse should be in the stores when you get back from the easter holidays.

Gorillaz: Stop the Dams

Stop The Dams is the brand new and brilliant b-side track off the double A-side single El Manana/Kids With Guns, which is just released. As always solid and beautiful vocals from Damon Albarn. The track is recorded with ex-Sugarcube Einar Orn's new band Ghostigital and The Reykjavik West End Brass Band, in support of the Stop The Dams campaign, which is a quite popular discussion topic up there. Sigur Rós' Jonsi has himself locked up because some protesting there as well.
Get it: Gorillaz - Stop the Dams (mp3)

25 amazing music websites (+2)

If you are 'all lost in the supermarket' then do as I - run for Oberserver Music Monthly.
It's a collection of absolut brilliant websites packed for our pleasure only.

Lots of good linking at the page; New music tailored for your taste at, some of the latest mp3s posted on the web at and much more...
I add myself Poptones and Fabchannel for some - sometimes - obscure concerts and brilliant webprogramming.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Yeah! What a flaming video!

Now that I am destroying the look of our site with musicvideos, I might as well continue. The new Flaming Lips is a great laugh and the song is even greater! What a gift that they are going touring!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Raconteurs rocks!

I think mr. White and mr. Benson will exceed the high expectations!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Weird Power

Cat Power has created a really weird contribution to the discussion of the clash of civilizatiations. The new video for the excellent Living Proof contains muslims and Chan Marshall in red latex body suit and with a big white cross competing on an athletics-stadium. It's weird, but it's cool!!

Monday, April 03, 2006

Moz is back!

the great master of narcissistic melancholy is back. He delivers it - as always - flawless, almost continuously with more and more beauty. Morrissey is back! At NME you can listen to the record again and again...and again...and again...and I do that, again and again...and again..and again..

Heart of Gold - Film of Gold

Jonathanne Demme´s brilliant concert-movie Heart of Gold with Neil Young has conquered the hearts of the danish audience at the annual Natfilm Festival. The movie won the Audience Prize, and will now be distributed to danish cinemas and will be bought to national danish tv. There is no reason to listen and watch all the Messiahs of rock if you can go directly to God himself.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

The new Film School video

In december 2005 I went to see The National at Loppen in Copenhagen. A great concert indeed. But an even more joyful surprise was the warm-up Film School, who performed an amazing concert. Now they have released the video for their new single 11:11. Fronted by the Robert Smith-like vocalist Krayg Burton this band is really worth taking notice of - no doubt we will hear a lot more great music from them in the future (or at least I hope we will)