Sunday, August 24, 2008

Beastie Boys - Three MC's and One DJ

Ol' skool sunday with Beastie Boys Ghostbuster-dj-style

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

New Wilco song. New Wilco album

It is 'good news day' here at Indie Laundry. First, the exhilarating prospect of a 10-BluRay release from Neil Young. And now I bring you a brand new tune by our beloved Wilco - 'One Wing', live from Lollapolooza a fortnight ago. First impression: a quiet song. I can't say it knocked my socks off but just when it started to seem a tiny bit boring it accelerates into a stunning guitar-driven jam. Judging from the various live versions of the song, they are still working on its final form - or at least the form which will go on the forthcoming album due out in spring 2009.

Neil Young - Innovation & Music - JavaOne 2008 - Blu-ray

Neil Young rattles on... Always innovative and having a blast doing it. I can't wait for Neil Young Archives Vol 1 to come out on Blu-Ray... a 10 disc set with high resolution 24 bit/ 192 kHz audio. Then I'll promise myself, that my PS3 finally will be used for something more than just FIFA!

Neil Young Archives Vol 1...a 10 disc set coming on Blu-ray Disc

Sunday, August 17, 2008

The many forms of Jason Molina - Magnolia Electric Co.

I have never really gotten around to explore the music of Jason Molina - until last week... and that can only be desribed as a case of better late than never! This guy is a rock-solid songwriter and an enjoyable, soulful singer. Fans of the cheerful country rock of The Jayhawks should definitely take notice. Neil Young and Will Oldham also spring to mind when listening.

For the past ten years, Molina has crafted music of consistently high quality but - to some confusion - under several names. Most important is Songs: Ohia - mainly low-key, introspective band. In 2003, he turned to a more country rocking style which he marked by changing the band name (and some members) to Magnolia Electric Co. - which also was the name of the last Songs: Ohia album... Confused?

Last year, Magnolia Electric Co. released 'Sojourner', a wonderful wooden box containing 4 CDs and 1 documentary DVD. The four CDs count three abums and one EP and they consist partly of new material and rearranged versions of formerly released songs, including 'Don't fade on me' and 'Hammer down'.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Gutter Twins for black nights!

I have just moved to the country. Outhere it's dark. Very dark! So is the excellent album from Gutter Twins with Mark Lanegan and Greg Dulli. Saw them last night at Voxhall i Aarhus. So impressed with the energy and the combination of Dulli's high and Lanegans hell-deep voice. Check out this brilliant version of the best song from their album. It kicks ass. To be played LOUD.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Elastica - retro findings

While having a few minuts I took a timewarp back to the mid-90's and revisited my old room back at my parents house. It was a mess. A drumkit, magazines and cd's. And sometimes Elastica. It was rocking, sexy music, lots of hooks and just enough punk to stay interesting.

Even though evil tongues will know that Justine Frischmann's then-boyfriend Damon Albarn was the actual mastermind behind the band's first album, it's nontheless a brilliant rocking album to listen to again. (Listen to the beginning of Connection - it's really Blur-like, isn't?) Anyways it's appealing, teasy and edgy.

An interview with Justine Frischmann from The Guardian, 2002.
  • Elastica - Connection
  • Elastica - Waking Up
  • Elastica - Human