Sunday, December 27, 2009

Some good things lost - Vic Chesnutt is dead

On the 25th of december Vic Chesnutt past away at the age of 45. To describe the immense influence he have had on fellow musicians and - not least - on his fans will be beyond my humble words. The Sweet Relief II: Gravity of the Situation from 1996 could give you a sense of the of the scale of his significance. May he rest in peace.
Vic Chesnutt and Kirstin Hersh - Panic Pure (mp3)
Vic Chesnutt cover by R.E.M.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Do you realize?? Flaming Lips delivering the song of the decade?

Glimmer psychotic scepticism could be a description for the desperate cry-out in Do you realize??. In the light of all things considered these days, it sums up the feeling of not being able to comprehend the scale of the world, the changes and our - the human - part in it. But I'm able to comprehend that this could be the song of the decade, and that it despite all is quite beautiful

Thom Yorke attending COP15/Best of the decade: Radiohead - 'Idioteque'

For the past two weeks Copenhagen, the home of three of us, has had the attention from the entire world due to the UN Climate Conference COP15. Not much indie-related stuff there, you might think. But Pitchfork reports that the one and only Thom Yorke has managed to sneak in to witness the negotiations at first hand.

I don't know how much Mr. Yorke actually knows about climate change but he is pissed for sure. Perhaps his passion about the matter is related to a former unpleasant experience with fossil fuel (pictured.... sorry;-).

If you don't have the spirit to read through his reports, enjoy this video as it appears that he wrote a song about COP15 way back in the Kid A-era (2000). Bad picture quality, excellent song:

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Best of the decade: Outkast - 'Ms. Jackson'

Here at Indie Laundry we would like to pay tribute to some of all the music that stood out for us during the 2000s. By no means will it be an exhaustive account. It will be more like a few well-chosen highlights.

My first example is rather unconventional given that I am not really into rap music. However, Outkast does the trick for me. I don't know whether it is the cat across the street that sits in the windowsill all day long that made me think of 'Ms. Jackson' from 2001. But besides the groovy animals in the awesome video, it is also one of the most sincere and melodic rap songs I know. Perhaps my all-time favorite of the genre.

Bonus info: the song is actually an apology from André (the well-trimmed half of Outkast) to Erykah Badu's mother following Erykah and André's divorce.

The Cardinals member Chris Feinstein is dead. RIP

I checked my Facebook this morning and updates from Brad Pemberton, the drummer in The Cardinals who played with Ryan Adams, showed that Chris Feinstein aka Spacewolf has passed away.

He died in the early hours of the day in his home in Manhattan, New York City.

Well, I don't know the guy, but have come to love his talented bass-playing with Ryan Adams and The Cardinals, as well as having checkedup on his doings after The Cardinals split with Ryan Adams. He sounded like an awesome guy, so thoughts and peace out.

In July 2009, Chris Feinstein and The Cardinals landed a gig with singer/songwriter Gin Wigmore in New Zealand, with whom they recently toured Australia / New Zealand.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Erlend Oye - Last Christmas

Last Christmas is like a plague and now Kings of Convenience / Whitest Boy Alive-frontman Erlend Oye jumped it as well. As always he manages to downtempo everything into a nice warm shower of calmness, which can be soothing or plain annoying. This version could easily have been his own. I'm okay with his performance on this cover, but one can ask why the f*** he did in the first place.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Departement of Eagles - ballerina legs n' stuff!

Department of Eagles - ' No one does it like you' is that kind of video that transforms a song into signifying something quite different.

It's not new or anything, but just a nice break this wednesday. What an eerie and brilliant video.

Department of Eagles is a band formed in 2000 by friends and New York University (NYU) roommates Daniel Rossen (Grizzly Bear) and Fred Nicolaus.

Check this out if you're into ballerina legs and singing ghosts.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

He will take our energi - Windmill

For the two albums british Windwill have released until now the critics have been happy and given him positiv reviews. This is not a review, but still we're no different at Indie Laundry. Windmill is great! His simple yet magnificent (indie)pop takes my breath away.

Windmills lastest album Epcot starfields is - as these words are typed - giving my office (most of the time my bedroom) a lovely paradox - one minute I want to dance and be energetic, the next moment my bed is dragging me towards its comfort where the music makes an embrassing duvet. I might spend to much time in bed, but so be it, i'll use my last breath of energi on Windwill and fall smiling asleep.

Saturday, December 05, 2009

The comfort of music... and William Elliot Whitmore

Some have maybe noticed that the Indielaundry blog has been quite slow for at while. René has singlehanded showed the way - and now we have agreed to make a comeback - still have a lot to say about the good music. In Denmark now it is dark all the time, it´s raining a you have to be insane not to get depressed. But sometimes you can find comfort in the music. A guy who has quite some fights with life is the exceptionally soulfull William Elliot Whitmore. Belonging somewhere in the blues, alt-country, folk area, he is one of the new storytellers I have heard lately who has the most guts and mojo to him, and it really get's me. Try him out - it helps - even in fucking Denmark.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Homegame 2010 - get some scenic view and some great music and ... in Scotland ... maybe

Now back to Skotland, more specifically to Cellardyke, Fife. King Creosote is the one half behind the DIY label Fence Records (the other half being The Pictish Trail). Fence Records have for the last six years arranged their Homegame - in their own words, their annual music bash in Anstruther, Fife, where artists from Fence Records aswell as other up-and-coming artists plus special guests will make the small community a vibrant and happy place (which it might already be, but those days even more) with a lot of music and probably even more beers. I don't know, it sounds like a really good place to be when it's cold (watch out warm places around the world, there might not be any people around for a day or two next year ... and extremly crowded at the edge of Fife, Scotland)

I will not try to describe or put a general label on the type of music Fence Records publish (even though many of the artist twist their way round a folkish base) and for that reason neither what you can expect to hear at Homegame 2010 (though it might well have a folkish glimpse - and many other glimpse). Homegame 2009 line up was these bands. You could expect to hear some the same bands again plus a whole lot more (maybe Aidan Moffat & Th Best Of?). But most definitely you will get to hear King Creosote play his new unreleased My Nth Bit Of Strange In Umpteen Years (which is only going to be released if you will help record it).

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Everybody knows David Karsten Daniels?

At work yesterday I was introduced to David Kartsten Daniels and I thought to myself: "you must be to last person on earth who do not know this musician". Soon I was to find out, that I am not. In light of my ignorance, I had a look around some places with information about this very interesting musician (who has a Major in Music Composition). When I arrived at his Facebook profile, to become a fan, I noticed that quite a few lack knowledge about him. So to help you all (and him) click "play" below

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

yo ho yo ho, yo ho ho - Alena Diane

A little gospel for the ordinary tuesday

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Fun comes in waves - Pictish Trail

Just for now, but more to come - both from here and Scotland

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Do take the week off and take a drink, Macolm Middleton will be entertaining

In the beginning of June I jumped the plane and flew to London for the Malcolm Middleton concert at I.C.A. I hadn't been to the I.C.A. before and was really surprised by the venue.
Malcolm didn't surprise me. He just delivered an amazing concert. It was expected in the light of his best record to date, his 5th solo record Waxing Gibbous. It's one of those record you just want to play again and again (if you close your ears for the small parts that could have used a second thought before being released), especially Box and knife, Shadows, Carry me, Ballad of fuck all, and Subset of the world, stands out in this mere folked pop-rock masterpiece.
First take a look and listen at this promotion (?) video.

Then grab a listen (and a look) at these two tracks.

Now go buy Waxing Gibbous and get a look at the bright side of the blurry parts of life. And don't forget, is going to be christmas again!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Red House Painters - Michael

The king is dead. May he rest in peace.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Roskilde warm-up part 1

The Indielaundry crew are warming up to this years Roskilde Festival. The line-up this year has been discussed a lot between the crew and we more or less agree, that among the headliners the quality is very low this year. Too mainstream, too much old news, too much rap and metal. But fortunately the smaller venues at Roskilde always has great (the greatest) shows. So this year it's the smaller and still unknown bands who we rely on here at Indielaundry. Personally I only have a few must-see's - two of them are Lucinda Williams and M. Ward. Both artists who cooperate alot with other artists - and each other. On the new M. Ward album theres a duet with the two artists, and I hope Roskilde are up for arranging this duet on stage - it could be magic. Heres a few live-goodies - that realy shows what we are up for. (Just hope Jim James shows up as well!)

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Niblett and Bonnie Prince Billy makes the angels sing

I think this speaks for itself....

I think this speaks for itself....

Monday, March 16, 2009

Foreign Born - Vacationing People

Foreign Born are out of LA debuting in 2005 with On The Wing Now. Now they have their second disc on their way. The guys are at SXSW these days showcasing their stuff together with Grizzly Bear, amongst others.
Their album Person to Person should be out around june and since I havn't found it leaked yet, I just enjoyed the appetizer from their label, well-renowned label Secretly Canadian.

Anywhoooo I find Vacationing People (see below) a very fine little popgem.

  • Foreign Born - Vacationing People

  • This is Foreign Born doing LOve, Love, Love by Mr. Sir. Lord. Leonard Cohen. Further below the master himself.

    Sunday, March 15, 2009

    Chemical Brothers - Star Guitar - sunday badassness

    I never put my eyes on 'Star Guitar' while on acid. And maybe there is no real need to, because this video is just so unbelievable clever made by Michel Gondry.

    What has been done to most of the objects in the background is the fascinating thing about this direction. Most of the objects represents a sound played in the song. For example in the beginning every clap in the song is represented by a house passing by. The timing is so badass. Visionary stuff.

    If you're into Michel Gondry then you should definetly also check out the trailer for his new collab. movie TOKYO! An omnibus tale examining the nature of one unforgettable city as its shaped by the disparate people who live, work (and run amok) inside an enormous, constantly evolving, densely populated Japanese megalopolis.

    Friday, March 13, 2009

    Crazy Horses - The Osmonds

    This is friday stuff and pretty eerie! SO many details in this Crazy Horse video by The Osmonds!. And it's not pretty!

    Wayne looks uncannily like Jimmy Page - Yardbirds - era. I like the energy they put in it, but the dance is rubbish. The words I'm thinking about now is 'hysteria' and '...for God sakes - relax!'.

    But here you have it.

    Wednesday, March 11, 2009

    Tom Waits: Take Me Home

    While being busy at work I just had to take a break. Often these moments leads to some kind of severe procrastination, but today I hit a gem quite fast on my way into the web while on this little break.

    This song is Take Me Home by Tom Waits from french tv in 1982, performed on a show called "Reportage". The song is from the soundtrack to Francis Ford Coppola movie One from the Heart. The album, and I quote sources on this: " constructed as a dialog between lovers in a fitful emotional spiral, Waits raspy growl is the perfect counterpoint to Gayle's own gutsy, surprisingly bluesy diva turns"

    I'm not familiar with this album, but I know that Take Me Home is a very sweet and emotional song. It kind of just punches you Bruce Lee-way in the heart. At least a very good way to spend only 2 small minutes.

    Friday, March 06, 2009

    Are you goodbye?

    Yes I am! New brilliant video and song from upcoming Bonnie Prince Billy album.

    Thursday, March 05, 2009

    Grizzly Bear - While you wait for the other

    I'm just sooo into Twitter at the moment. So well, when Edward Droste of Grizzly Bear tweets about the new album being leaked, I just had to check it out.

    While these DIY we-live-in-solitude-in-the-woods-bands like Bon Iver, Fleet Foxes and Grizzly Bear (and a lot of others in lumberjack shirts) back each other up big time, this album should be huge. Fleet Foxes’ Robin Pecknold has already called it “the album of the 00s.' - If I really was a teenager - i'm not (courtesy of me) - i'd be stupidly exited when someone like Robin Pecknold said stuff like that. Instead I'm just a tiny bit exited, because I really dug Yellow House, which is a beautiful creative album. AND I've just heard 'Ready, Able' from the new album which is just pure bliss - i love it already.

    Rumours are that new album Veckatimest, which should officially should release in three month time, is insanely good. But hey, we'll wait and check it out by then. Or find it on a torrent. Wha'eva. Now we are a part of the hype.

    By the way remember to follow Indie Laundry on Twitter

    Wednesday, March 04, 2009

    Vintage alt. country by Olsen and Louris

    This genre keeps thrilling me. Oh no, theres nothing new here, but this is performed to perfection. Mark Olsen and Gary Louris from The Jayhawks is back together and it is great stuff. (And another band I would like to se on a small stage at this years Roskilde Festival)
  • Bicycle

  • Saturday, February 28, 2009

    Röyksopp -Happy Up Here

    Official video for the first single from 'Junior' album by Röyksopp. This is Happy Up Here'! Directed by Reuben Sutherland.

    This tune just makes me very happy and video is kinda cool too. Röyksopp are just the best at electro music in Scandinavia.

    Wednesday, February 25, 2009

    More Roskilde suggestions!

    Hey bookers at Roskilde - how about a stealing some gigs at Primavera Sound Festival in Spain??!!
    A Certain Ratio A-Trak Alela Diane Andrew Bird Angelo Spencer Aphex Twin Ariel Pink Art Brut Bat For Lashes Black Lips Bloc Party Bowerbirds Carsick Cars Chad VanGaalen Crystal Antlers Crystal Stilts Cuzo Damien Jurado Dan Deacon Ensemble Deerhunter Dj Mehdi Ebony Bones El-P Extra Life Extraperlo Fucked Up Gang Gang Dance Ghostface Killah Girl Talk Girls Jarvis Cocker Jason Lytle Jay Reatard Joe Crepúsculo y Los Destructores Joe Henry John Maus Karl Blau Kimya Dawson Kitty, Daisy and Lewis Lemonade Lightning Bolt Magik Markers Magnolia Electric Co. Mahjongg Marnie Stern Michael Mayer Michael Nyman My Bloody Valentine Oneida Phoenix Plants & Animals Ponytail Rosvita Shearwater Shellac Simian Mobile Disco Skatebård Sleepy Sun Sonic Youth Spectrum Spiritualized Squarepusher Sunn O))) The Bad Plus The Bug The Drones The Extraordinaires The Jayhawks The Jesus Lizard The Lions Constellation The Mae Shi The New Year The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart The Secret Society The Soft Pack The Tallest Man On Earth The Vaselines Throwing Muses Uffie Veracruz Vivian Girls Wavves Women Wooden Shjips Yo La Tengo Zombie Zombie ...

    Are you going?????

    Sunday, February 22, 2009

    Three walrusses - the classic, the acceptable and the really funny

    'I Am The Walrus' is probably that song where The Beatles most succesfully blended their (i.e. Lennon's) surrealistic explorations into an orthodox, almost mainstream-ish rock song. It is not like 'A day in a Life' where the 'freaky' bits are isolated towards the end, or 'Tomorrow never knows' which hardly qualifies as a mainstream or standard rock song. And obviously, 'Revolution nr. 9' is just way way too much. I'd prefer Barney Gumble's version instead.

    The lyrics in 'I Am The Walrus' are heavy stuff inspired by Lennon's LSD trips and his general feeling of disillusion. In september´67 The Summer of Love is over (at least for Lennon), their manager Brian Epstein was dead and the police were faring aggressively, arresting friends like Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and Brian Jones (being MBE's The Beatles were immune of such unpleasanties). But in all its aggresive disillusion, the song has a undeniably bad-ass groove that is as catchy as anything.

    We all know the original The Beatles version, and you probably also know Oasis' version who for extended periods has used the song as a show closer. If you think Oasis remains too close to the original, then dig the version by Jim Carrey! That man can sing! Hands down. There is lots of great ideas in his approach to the song, even if some of them are highly unorthodox. What a character...

    We were notified about Bono's performance on I Am The Walrus in the movie Across The Universe... Jim Carrey beats this:

    Friday, February 20, 2009

    What the fuck, Roskilde?!

    I am deeply worried about the Roskilde Festival 2009 line-up. Coldplay, Down, Madness, Satyricon, Slipknot, etc. What the FUCK? I have a lot of respect for the big group of metal-fans at Roskilde every year and think it's fine that they get their share of the programme - I guess the drink the most beers - so they deserve it! But what worries me the most is that Roskilde has promissed more pop and hip-hop. Fine fine. But where the hell are the indie and the alternative country? What about rock? Hopefully I'm just paranoid, because there is stille about 100 bands to be announced and normally the bookers at Roskilde knows their shit. And thats why we keep coming back at Indielaundry despite our age, kids, wifes etc. So let there from here come some good and realistic advice: My Morning Jacket, M. Ward, BRMC, The Black Keys, Jenny Lewis/Rilo Kiley, Gutter Twins, Beirut, Fleet Foxes, Okkervil River, Conor Oberst/Bright Eyes, Mellemblond, Tv on the Radio, Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks, Megapuss/Devendra Banhart and of course Neil Young again. Come oooooooonnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!
    Here's a very unfocused but quite well sounding clip from last years historical Neil Young concert at Orange Stage:

    Wednesday, February 18, 2009

    Winter intermission with Jorge Ben

    It has been absolutely freezing here in Copenhagen for a couple of weeks now. The weather is beautiful but every time I have been outside - even if only for a few seconds - I just cannot stop freezing afterwards. In these situations I have found that Brazilian music can be an effective cure. So alongside the termostat, you could also turn up the volume with the bossanova of Antonio Carlos Jobin or this funky fella I just found out about the other day: Jorge Ben.

    Like a eccentric lost uncle of Devendra Banhart, Ben cooks up an exciting version of samba that makes you completely forget about winter and low temperatures for a while.

    Tuesday, February 17, 2009

    Roots of Breakdance (Run DMC - It's Like That)

    This is a lovable cold war mashup... it deserves an entry here!

    Friday, February 13, 2009 - new interesting service

    The people behind has released, which is a new and really interesting way of connecting to the users.

    I attended a Kings of Leon concert the other night in Copenhagen. And here is the playlist, complete with video, audio og lyrics. This service has potential!

    Thursday, February 12, 2009

    Intermezzo with Humphrey Lyttelton Bad Penny Blues

    I don't really like this, because blues-boogie and horn just reminds me too much of drunken old danish men in a tent. I'm still young, and might as well end up in that tent, but for now it's really not that good. But this is where The Beatles got their Lady Madonna from. So I thought I'd share this twisted inspiration.

    Sunday, February 08, 2009

    David & Aretha @ Grammy Award 1975

    Tonight the 51st Grammy Awards will take place. It is not something that bothers me that much. Some of the nominations are simply outrageous (Kid Rock as best Pop Vocal Performance???). However, let me mark the occasion by looking back to the 1975 Grammys with David Bowie presenting an R'n'B award to Aretha Franklin.

    You should be forgiven if thinking that things really WERE so much better back in the old days. Certainly, the r'n'b performers of today can only dream of power of the class of '75. No contest there. And Bowie is just out-of-this-world über-cool. But, admittedly, he might not pass a doping test... 

    Monday, February 02, 2009

    Bruce Springsteen conquers Super Bowl

    The Boss provided the half time entertainment at the Super Bowl last night. And, of course, he and his E Street Band did not disappoint. Especially the closer 'Glory Days' was delivered with an intensity and energy that few - if any - other than Mr. Springsteen can manage. In a word: thrilling!

    Friday, January 30, 2009

    Noel Gallagher praises The Smiths - with hilarious effect!

    Noel Gallagher is a huge fanboy and has never hesitated to pay credit to his influences. Here he spills the beans on just why The Smiths is "a great great great great band". This guy has a unique way of praising his idols - for instance he explains how not even Johnny Marr is as good a guitar player as Johnny Marr.... Don't miss this one!

    Thursday, January 29, 2009

    There's something cooking in Denmark (at last) - Presenting Mellemblond

    I probably spend too much time bitching over the lack of exciting Danish music. I can't even remember the last time we presented a Danish act here at Indie Laundry. 

    However, we have entered a new year, have got a new President in the States and then I discover a new Danish band that checks all the boxes: Melodies, energy, sound (produced by Nikolaj Nørlund)... well, the works. The band is Mellemblond and 'Ude af mine hænder' is their brand new debut album. Mellemblond is a Copenhagen based three-piece act playing no-nonsense bluesy rock with dreamy lyrics - in Danish! 

    The genre has Black Rebel Motorcycle Club written all over it but Mellemblond's melodies are strong enough to give the songs their own distinct flavour. And if you do not speak Danish you will miss out on some fine poetic qualities in the mould of Danish heavyweights like C.V. Jørgensen and Steppeulvene. There are titles such as 'The Trees' Triumph' and 'Ice hand', and lines like 'At every corner of life, there is an edge'. I sedriously doubt if my sub-quality translations here will do any good but I couldn't help myself... 
    Check 'em out at Myspace.

    Wednesday, January 28, 2009

    The Owls and their lovely folkish pop

    Knowing their musical heritage The Owls creates a lovely and subtle modern folkish pop that looks back on the 1960's pop-rock scene. A lot of other bands do the same, but with less luck in getting beyond the pathetic curse of plagiarism. Having played it over and over for quite some time it have revealed the ability to keep the boredom at a distance. A personal favorite is the tribute to Peppermint Patty "Peppermint Patty". But I really like the general impression of their lastest record "Daugthers and Suns" with all it's lovely bone-dry attitude and comments on snaps of everyday life.

    Sunday, January 25, 2009

    Take on Me - literal version of a-ha

    If you havn't already seen this literal version of a-ha's classic 'take on me', then go see. It's brilliant and makes this stand out pop song even more classic!

    Thursday, January 22, 2009

    Jon Brion - Synecdoche, New York

    My newfound superlove for Jon Brion (check Katy Perry version below and you would be convinced) reached new heights today while surfing the way too small amount of YouTube clips available with this amazing talent. He'd done music scores for Punch Drunk Love, Magnolia and produced a hell of a lot of different stuff. Kaney West etc.
    Not only did I find beautiful pieces of music, but I read about a movie, which I've never heard of. It is a limited movie - 'Synecdoche, New York', directed (debut) my one of my favorite scriptwrites, Charlie Kaufman.

    Trailer for Synecdoche, New York here!

    Little Person - Jon Brion on piano - soundtrack 'Synecdoche, New York

    Check out his performance at the Late Night Show here:

    Wednesday, January 21, 2009

    Barack and Michelle and Beyoncé

    We do never feature Beyoncé on our site. Nor do we feature presidents or their wifes. But this threesome is too sweet and sexy to forget. Barack and Michelle Obama's "first dance" at the Neighborhood Ball on Inauguration Day - January 20th, 2009. Aired on ABC TV.

    You rawk #44!

    Monday, January 19, 2009

    I kissed a girl - awesome version

    Jon Brion ditching the lyrics and redeems “I Kissed A Girl”. YES!

    John Bonham drumsolo for mondays

    Indielaundry played a strong setlist on saturday at Cafe Salonen downtown Copenhagen. A special night which ended with livejazz at La Fountaine. The set included quite a lot of drumsolos and today I got to think: the best drummer around must without a doubt be John Henry Bonham. Check out how fast he is with his right foot on the bass drum. Powerful!

    So let's hear it from the master - John Henry Bonham (RIP) - Moby Dick Drum Solo! Enjoy!

    Friday, January 16, 2009

    Live treasure!

    Hell, NPR are worth linking to. Their concert-archive is amazing. Among other great stuff are full-length concerts with:

    Tom Waits
    Conor Oberst And The Mystic Valley Band
    Of Montreal
    Fleet Foxes
    Lou Reed
    Okkervil River

    ...and many others. And if you subscribe to their podcasts you can download them as well. Wow!

    Thursday, January 15, 2009

    M. Ward - Hold Time - new release

    I first recently discovered that we were soon to be blessed with another album from singer-guitarist Matt Ward. And now it's almost here. 'Hold Time', but release is feb. 17. But now you can listen to it in full at NPR. For now at least.

    While we loved - and still are loving - M Wards adventures into '50s pop with actress-songstress Zooey Deschanel on She & Him's Volume One, he now returns to his contemplative self. Now with added keyboards, strings and scattered percussion.

    Watch the slow motion video for the titletrack 'Hold time'(directed by M. Ward) below. It's really beautiful and lonely. I guess Bon Iver hasn't made M Ward a single bit more hardcore, happy or full of ska. But thank God for that. This is an artist in full control and I just can't wait to buy the album.

    Wednesday, January 14, 2009

    Bodies Of Water - Under The Pines

    This video is awesome! Bodies Of Water’s new vid for “Under The Pines” off 2008’s A Certain Feeling. - What a fuckin' amazing dog and what cool clothing this little family are wearing!

    Thursday, January 08, 2009

    The beauty of stop-motion

    If you also need a break from work check out these two videos. Excellent Blitzen Trapper has released a cool stop-motion video from their new album Furr. That made me think of an argentinian stop-motion movie I saw a while ago. And that's really art - I was deeply fascinated by the art and the music that makes the 'story' work som magically.

    Tuesday, January 06, 2009

    What a New Year! My Morning Jacket at Madison Square Garden

    An awful lot of people consider My Morning Jacket to be the best live band on the planet. They spent this New Year evening at Madison Square Garden (in New York, if you were in doubt). And what a party it was!! And you can listen to the entire spectacle right here! (If the player doesn't show, try this).

    My Morning Jacket provides an extensive 2-set show, including some unusual and very well-chosen covers of Sam Cooke, Curtis Mayfield etc. But most of all it is the explosive versions of their own songs that really kicks. The Jackets cancelled a show here in Copenhagen last fall to much frustration among the Indie Laundry crew. I would suggest that their New Year resolution would be to reschedule a new date a.s.a.p. What about Roskilde Festival, eh? MMJ would suit the orange main stage perfectly.  

    Set 1:
    1. intro music - What Are You Doing New Years Eve
    2. Move On Up (Curtis Mayfield)
    3. Evil Urges
    4. Off The Record
    5. Gideon
    6. The Way That He Sings
    7. Thank You Too
    8. I'm Amazed
    9. Golden
    10. Librarian
    11. You're All I Need (marvin gaye)
    12. Express Yourself (charles wright)
    13. Wonderful Man
    14. Lay Low
    15. Phone Went West
    16. Look At You
    17. Dondante
    18. Smoking from Shootin->
    19. Touch Me Part 2->
    20. Run Thru
    21. The Wanderer (Dion)
    22. Dancefloors
    23. Magheeta

    Set 2:
    1. new years' countdown
    2. Celebration (kool & the gang)
    3. Get Down On It (kool & the gang)
    4. Wordless Chorus
    5. Highly Suspicious
    6. Cobra
    7. Islands in the Stream (Dolly Parton & Kenny Rogers)
    8. Bring It on Home to Me (Sam Cooke)
    9. Cold Sweat (James Brown)
    10. Anytime
    11. One Big Holiday
    12. Auld Lang Syne (sung by Jim James over a prerecorded backing track)
    13. outro music - We'll Meet Again