Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Roskilde Festival for free

My wristband is on and I´m on my way to what I expect to be an awesome Roskilde Festival 2006. For those of you who´s not going - for whatever sad reason - have the possibility to experience the Roskilde Festival 2006 at for free. Get the free "login" here and get rocking.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I love 80's music , or am I?

I love 80's music. No, I really don't. But before I'll inject the pleasures of Roskilde Festival, this site caught my attention as being somewhat interessting. There's literally hundreds of music videos from the '80s (and '90s) for your viewing pleasure.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Ready to Rockskilde

It wasn't exactly a pleasure to be waken up at 0630 sunday morning by indie-brother Mogens. But well, it was finally time for Roskilde Festival, so we drove off in his van to pick up another blogmember, Rene, who was even more wasted. A lot of hours later our camp was ready! We arrive wedensday. Until then it's looked after by our first-time-at-roskilde-beautiful-teenagegirl neighbourghs.
We have no clue if we're gonna update this blog while at the festival, because our festival-history lacks everything related to order, structure and timing.

Good advice for festivals .wmv

Friday, June 23, 2006

Lyt til nyt - podcasting and download of new artists

It might not be that indie, but the initiativ is a scoop, so I'll do anything to hype it. Danish Radio has launched a new concept focusing on tone art and usergenerated soundscapes sent to the station. It's called 'Lyt til Nyt'.

It's for direct download and podcasting. For now you can download five different artists. More artists will be available, which will be updated on the podcast-string:

One of the artists is Thomas Knak, who has co-produced Björks Vespertine-album. His contribution to the DR-concept: Thomas Knak - Pass (mp3)

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Wassup Rockers

Larry Clarke of "Kids" fame is releasing a new film soon "Wassup Rockers". The film is shot in a documentary style and is about mexican punk-rock skater kids that live in south-central LA.

I've enjoyed all of Larry Clarke's movies and can't wait to see this one. Check out the Wassup Rockers website for trailers, clips and more info.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

100 Awesome Music Videos

One of our favorite 'zines - Pitchfork Media - celebrates the magic of YouTube by sharing 100 of their favorite music promos; simply, dozens of clips that, for various reasons (because they're so good, because they're so bad, because they feature the Jacksons imagining themselves as gods sprinkling gold dust on humanity).
There are hours of entertainment there...

Gram Parsons - the godfather of country-rock.

A new compilation of country-rock legend Gram Parsons has just been released. You can listen to it (for a week or so) here. This is simply jaw-droppingly great music, if you ask me.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Sunday night massacre

Me and a couple of the collegues of the blog got our sunday night massacred by Brian Jonestown Massacre at Vega in Copenhagen. It's a long time since I have been blown away by noised up rock'n'roll after midnight sunday. But they delievered a really good concert containing all the excellent songs, the weird personel and the caos you could expect from the band best known from the acclaimed rockumentary Dig!. As earlier told here at Indielaundry check out BJMs website for album, concert and video downloads. It's fantastic!! Read a full review of the concert here!


Jakobinarina is a very young Icelandic band, with members only 16-19 years old. They formed in 2004 and have since played a few festivals in the UK as well as gotten signed to Rough Trade Records.

Their music can be described as a kind of 80s punk meets modern electro fusion. just posted a lenghty interview with the band so I'll keep this short, read the interview here.

Jakobinarina @
Jakobinarina @ MySpace

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Steely Dan - Probably the ugliest Band in the World.

Steely Dan always has been - and always will be - super uncool in the coolest way ever. Despite the somewhat poor picture quality of this 1973 footage, I think this is very much worth a peek. Watch them perform the jolly 'My old School'.
Singer/pianist Donald Fagan's sunglasses wouldn't be out of line today, would they? Especially if he had bothered to place them straight on his head...

Saturday, June 17, 2006


My mind can't help being dragged further and further into Roskilde Festival mode. It's less than two weeks away and I am sniffing around the band list for any new acts to check out (pretty stupid as my concert schedule is more than full-booked as it is...).

Anyway, I have heard some whispers of the aussie-band Wolfmother, so I went to their MySpace-site and... simply loved it from the first minute!! If there was a High School of Lep Zep, AC/DC, Doors, Jimi Hendrix style Rock, then these three chaps would be A+ students - the first of their kind since Jack White.

Their brand new self-titled debut album has staggering guitar riffs to burn, and even the odd bongo drum. These guys made my day but have dealt me with a Roskilde problem: Artic Monkeys or Wolfmother?? I'll put my money on the aussies.

Oh, right... Let's hear the stuff:

And see some as well:
White Unicorn

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Styrofoam and Death Cab Gibbard mp3

Belgium electronic act Styrofoam will support Death Cab at the Paradiso in Amersterdam on 6/25. And there might be a pretty good chance that Mr. Gibbard will join Arne van Petegem aka Styrofoam for Couches in the Alley, where Ben sounds otherworldly, referring to Jack Kerouac and stuff...
BTW: Paradiso and Melkweg are the backbone of great live-concert website I hope the acts agree on copyright-issues so this concert will be broadcasted.

If you like indietronica and Moby-like arrangement and some great guest vocalists as Lali Puna's Valerie Trebeljahr, the American Analog Set's Andrew Kenny and Ben Gibbard from Death Cab, you definetly wanna check Styrofoam. Buy Nothing's Lost here.

Styrofoam - Couches in the alley, feat. Ben Gibbard (mp3)
Styrofoam - Make it mine (mp3)

The Postal Service - Nothing better (Styrofoam remix) MP3

1,2,3,4... this is rock & roll!!!

This commercial for some synth keyboard reminds me about my old drum teacher. He said: "Look what I am doing and you do it afterwards" - He then played his ass off leaving me and others speechless... This is kind of similar... 1,2,3,4... this is rock & roll!!!

Death by Kite at Vesterbro Festival mp3

I've now given Copenhagen noisy indie-act Death By Kite a few listen. And I like it quite a bit!
Tonight the band play Christinia at Loppen and friday they hit the stage at Vesterbro Festival, which does a great job supporting and presenting great music that we would like to get addicted to later on. Good one.
Death By Kite - Scared of Heights(mp3)

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Al Green Talking Heads - Take me to the river

The Sun is so hot and I need cleansing, salvation, cold beers and seductive singles. Digging for that, I found the smooth reverend Al Green.
His single 'Take me to the river' from 1974's album Al Green Explores Your Mind really do it for me today. This single is stylish, has funky horns all over it and a funky groove.
The rhythm section is the slick guys from Hi Records putting their skin-tight feel to it. Nearly too perfect!

Check also the single version of the track as it was done by Talking Heads on More Songs About Buildings and Food. 'Take me to the river' pushed that album to gold-record status.
The track is very slow and cool performed and it puts me in a limbo: which is the best?

Al Green - Take me to the river (mp3)
Talking Heads - Take me to the river (mp3)

Free Indie Albums

I stumbled across this morning. They've got a pretty nice database of free indie albums for you to download. Of course no-one has ever heard of these bands but if you look hard enough I'm sure you'll find something worth listening to.

The bands are categorized as: Rocking, Mellow, Angry, Punky, Emoish (wow, almost sounds like a religion that way), Electronica, Hip-Hop and Favourites. All tracks are .mp3 and albums in a handy .zip file

Here's a nice acustic version of Hello Tokyo's "Bury Yourself" to get you started.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Never ending hero

In a time of World Cup and few really interesting music news it´s nice to hear that the master of them all is releasing a new album in august! Hopefully it will get as good as this:

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Gomez revisited

I just heard some of the new Gomez album'How We Operate' and to my surprise I actually found it really good. I digged their first couple of albums, but thought they lost their inspiration on the next ones. I had given up on them, but maybe they deserve a second chance. Check out their new singles and videos on their webside.

For beginners listen to this 'Rhythm and Blues Alibi' mp3 from their third album Liquid Skin.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Hurrah Hurrah by Oh No Ono - mp3

The weekends Spot-festival in Århus had lots of interessting stuff. And I missed quite a lot of it. Oh No Ono was one of the bands, I really would have loved to see kick it live. It has special power and some 70's feel and kind of reminds me of both Architecture in Helsinki and Clap Your Hands. It's highly recommended. Oh No Ono has what it takes to make it big!
Debutalbum "Yes" is released in august, just warm and freshly recorded at high-end vintage Delta Lab.

Oh No Ono - Hurrah Hurrah (mp3)

Josh Ritter Live - download

I am still on a roll because of the great Josh Ritter concert last friday. Click here if you wanna download an intire concert with the happy singer/songwriter!

Sunday, June 04, 2006


Saturday night to of your musiccheifs of Indielaundry had a talk with David Fricke from Rolling Stone Magazine. We had a talk about mp3-blogs, language and the future of the unplugged magazines like RS. Great guy and big fan of Scandinavian music. And ironically enough maybe the biggest star at Spot 2006!

Spot spotlight

This years festival for upcomming Scandinavian music is over, and was as usual a great experience, All in all I think this years festival missed out the big surprises or the new Raveonettes. But maybe I just missed them in my choice of concerts. Here is a top five of the concerts I saw.

1. Under Byen - I never really found the magic in Under Byen before yesterday. But boy a great concert on the big biggest scene at the festival. Brilliant sound, great visuals and truely original.
2. Mugison - My first time with Mugison was fun and interesting in his mix of blues, rock and electronica. Also very original stuff.
3. Dicte and The Sugarbones - Not especially original, but super hot, perfectly performed and good clean rock'n'roll by Denmarks hottest rock-singer.
4. Thomas Butterschön - What a fellow. This chubby teenager really convinced all his audience with self-ironical songs about his life. Good fun and good songs. Looking forward to follow this kid.
5. Larsen and Furious Jane - Got great reviews for their two records and plays melodiacal country-rock. Unfortunately many facets drowned in bad sound.

Spot is a perfect place to shop around from concert to concert. See you again next year!

Reviews of all the concerts here.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Record label/shop 12 Tónar opens in København / Copenhagen

The fast growing and independent label/recordshop from Reykjavík 12 Tónar opens their first overseas store tommorow, downtown Copenhagen.
Mr. Mugison plays a liveset tommorow at 1. pm.
The store is located at Fiolstræde 7.
I really hope the atmosphere will be just as chilled and friendly as back in Iceland. The concept is lots of cool music, espressos, magazines and hot live-concerts every friday afternoon. Without charge of course. This is a nice label so support!

Also from 12 Toner: Trabant
Trabant - Nastyboy (mp3 clip)
Trabant - Loving Me (mp3 clip)