Sunday, September 30, 2007

Hurra Torpedo - total eclipse of the heart

Hurra Torpedo has been around for years. And they rule! They call themselves for the worlds leading kitchen appliance rock group. It's absolutely brilliant fun from Norway. Classic.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Tender moments between Jack White and Bob Dylan

Last week the crowd at Nashville’s Ryman Auditorium last week when Jack White joined Dylan for the first ever live performance of the Blood on the Tracks gem “Meet Me In The Morning.” Jack must feel very special. Next month Elvis Castello will join Dylan on his tour.
We salute the Jack White-Bob Dylan collaboration with the YouTube video below. A stunning version of Dylan's modern classic.
Also it's said that Bob Dylan has announced that he'll kick off the second season of his acclaimed radio programme very soon. Guestlist includes Jack White.

  • Farewell Angelina - Jeff Buckley

  • Retrorap - Lucas with the lid off

    This entry started off while I was on the bike in some pretty heavy rain. Suddenly my mind started rapping "Whatever bubbles, bubbles up... I feel!" I rarely rap in the rain - or any other places I might add - but this is a classic. Sorry.
    "Lucas With the Lid Off" was a smash hit in 1994 and featured the half danish rapper Lucas, which no one have heard of since then.
    The single is quite irresistible, full of crazy beats, reaggae scats and great horn loops. It's kindof fun. But what is more cool is the unique video, directed by a young Michel Gondry. It's just as weird as the song; shot in one continuous take while moving between several sets.
    I guess this must be the first artist Gondry has directed that hasn't been able to ignite anything but matches since his debutalbum. Btw called Lucacentric?!?!

    Thursday, September 20, 2007

    Preparing for the Copenhagen (Rock) Opera

    This Sunday a bunch of your servants here at Indie Laundry will head to the Opera in Copenhagen. Admittedly, not exactly our home turf but the occation is too good to miss when The Good, The Bad & The Queen take the stage as the Danish Crown Prince Couple hand out their yearly culture price.

    Each year the Crown Prince has an important say in who is to perform. The two previous years has presented no other than Nick Cave and PJ Harvey. Not bad taste, indeed! On this picture he shows just how much he rates Damon Alburn and his new mates in The Good, The Bad & The Queen:

    Some of us also attended last year's sterling concert by PJ Harvey where she gave a very early taste of the stunning 'When under ether', first single of her brand new low-key album "White Chalk". Watch that performance here:

    Ok... it just wouldn't be fair of me to not give you some of the good-bad-queenies as well so enjoy this:

    The Good, The Bad & The Queen - The Bunting Song (acoustic version)

    Hayden in Copenhagen - Elk-Lake Serenade

    Besides being the most depressive time of year, this november is a crazy good month for concerts in downtown Copenhagen. So far I have by far exceeded my monthly limit having added so brilliant artists as Ryan Adams, Okkervil River, The New Pornographers, Arcade Fire and The National to my concertlist. AND considering Animal Collective.
    I know that The National is a great band live, so what I'm really interessted in here is the warm-up. The canadian musician Hayden Desser is that man and he is so compelling that I'd almost wish he would put on his own concert. Or at least play for more than an hour.

    In 2004 he released Elk-Lake Serenade which is his best album to date. And it is beautiful, small but large. Hayden loves detuned guitars, his lyrics are clever and has a certain talent for building some very intimate acoustic landscapes. The music is mellow with subtle strings and handclaps and has this lazy late-night feel to it. His voice and his way of vary the simplicity makes it feel really really good in your ears.

    Hayden is combining elements of both rock and folk music and has a voice that is able to channel both the falsetto highs of Neil Young and the wavering raspy low tones of Leonard Cohen.
    Hayden has his own recordlabel Hardwood Records and a new album is in the making, due for release in 2008.

    Remember to check him out and make friends with him on his MySpace profile. He has only 192 friends due to a servercrash!

  • Hayden - Home by Saturday
  • Learn how to play Blur - Now Play It!

    Ever wanted to play bass like Alex James in Blur? Well, why not hire him as a teacher.
    On new website NowPlayIt you can in fact have him as a teacher for 4£ for a song. ALex James and lots more are available for drum, guitar and bass teaching so you can play with the best. Of course you don't wanna pay for this, so just go for the preview-section. And Alex James is in fact quite funny on these small clips. Mostly because he just looks as if he doesn't give a shit about what he is doing in Blur. Maybe he isn't really doing anything at the moment because the band is on pause. Or are they? BTW: Alex James has a book out.. it looks like good fun.
    While we wait for new material, I'll go see The Good The Bad @ The Queen in the Royal Opera on sunday. My expectations are high. Below you'll find a couple of nice Blur-songs and one of their really good videos (clockwork orange-style) and most likely, best songs.

  • Blur - Country House
  • Blur - Coffee and TV
  • Sunday, September 16, 2007

    Prefab Sprout re-released

    Back in the 80's before the word 'indie pop' made any sense, there was an English band that actually possessed all the qualities of that very genre. Oddly named Prefab Sprout fronted by Paddy McAloon produced a couple of clever, elegant and delightfully awkward pop albums in the middle of that period.

    Probably the best of them, ´85's 'Steve McQueen', has just been released in a remastered edition including a bonus cd of new acoustic versions of the songs.

    Like most indie music this album didn't create a lot of havoc on the charts but the critics drowned it in superlatives. This is no surprise as these very slick songs, effectively manage to cover all sorts of influences, from 1940's cabaret style to bossanova, and doing it without ever loosing sight of McAloon's masterful melodies.

    What strikes me most is how well this music has stood the test of time. Here is some opportunities to judge for yourself.

    Goodbye Lucille (Johnny Johnny)

    Prefab Sprout - Desire As
    Prefab Sprout - Appetite (acoustic version)

    Thursday, September 13, 2007

    New Neil Young stream!

    The biggest of them all, Neil Young, is so kind to the human race, that he will release a new album in October. Hell, yes! Listen to the new tune 'Ordinary People' here - 8 minutes long - and fucking great!

    Monday, September 10, 2007

    A perfect popsong mp3

    The new Rilo Kiley album is rather disapointing. Sounding much more mainstream and overproduced, it's not so interesting as expected. But on the other hand - mainstream pop hasn't sounded so good for years! Jenny Lewis is a brilliant singer and the titel song is... a perfect popsong.

    Thursday, September 06, 2007

    Deezer - Music on demand for free

    Another one of those webapplications offering you free music, letting you upload your own mp3's and create playlists. Looks pretty neat. The name is Deezer and they are of course in a lot of legal jeopardy. As always in these cases you can enjoy full service while negotiations are ongoing.

    Tuesday, September 04, 2007

    Silje Nes - a norwegian girl debut

    Just a short entry about norwegian multiinstrumentalist
    Silje Nes,
    which I layed my ears on today. Silje grew up on a tiny town called Leikanger, in Sognefjord, the largest fjord in Norway. Then she was studying and now she is signed at the cool label FatCat Records - the label from which Sigur Rós took off to EMI.
    She is one of these girls exploring all kind of instruments, mixing and matching acoutic instruments with electronic sounds, making the result both organic and very human and fragile. It sounds very nice and her debutalbum will be released pretty soon.

  • Silje Nes - Ames Room