Friday, March 31, 2006

One for the weekend

When Jack Black and Dave Grohl get together you know that the chance for a party is pretty big. Throw in Josh Homme of desert-rockers Queens of the Stone Age and it just gets downright crazy. Watch how the three get together on Homme's side project Eagles of Death Metal. The video to "I want you so hard" must be the essence of what The Darkness dreams of being: pure moustache-infected rock´n´roll with guitar solos that blow the clothes of everybody. Fun as h***!

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Sunset Rubdown

As with a lot of blogs, links are stolen, circulating and inspired. Since I'm now at a 'highspeed' internetcafe downtown Panjim, state capital in Goa, and are without any headphones, I'd thought some link-crime had to go down.
Besides that, I have yet to stumble over some enchanting indian-indie lo-fi tunes here in Goa! All there is available is trance-compilations named stuff like 'Magic Mushroom Happiness' and 'Inner peace trance'. Mindblowing for some people.

I've heard about Sunset Rubdown, but havn't listent enough to have my own opinion. So maybe you would? Link via Gorilla vs Bear

I'm Sorry I Sang on Your Hands That Have Been in the Grave (mp3)

Monday, March 27, 2006

Would you like art with that?

Ok, this isn't really about music - but it's definitly Indie related. I was browsing my friend Jimmy's site and stumbled upon Scott Law's portfolio, who apparently is one of his fans. I browsed through his gallery while listening to The Album Leaf at a café after work, thought I was really cool until I saw this guy at the next table doing the exact same thing! Give me some support and browse the galleries as well..

Clap your hands and say Yeah Yeah Yeahs!

You can stream the new Yeah Yeah Yeahs album at AOL. Warning - it is hard to sit still in the office when you stream it!

Polly Jean uncovered

The coolest rock-bitch in the world will release her first dvd on May 1st 2006. This will take us on stage along with an excellent setlist and backstage with a private PJ. Furthermore the dvd will contain an interview with her. I can´t wait to get to know her just a little better! More info on her website.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Martin Bernt - virtually unknown

Before I'm heading off to the India for relaxing purposes only, I have to pass on a secret I just found. Thus being from Copenhagen, I never heard about singer/songwriter Martin Bernt, who apparently delivered his first solo album Juxtapose in february. I think he is virtually unknown to most people.
I havn't really been able to find out anything about this guy - based in NY - from magazines or papers. From his website, you can download the entire album for free. Influenced by Depeche Mode, PJ Harvey, The Smith. From the songs I've listend to, Juxtapose is truely a gem that deserves a try. Still I'm puzzled that I've never heard about this talented guy before.

When we came to the party

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Indie majesty in march

This blog is not in any way an expression for a lonely horny feeling towards recordlabels or any other trying to make their living from music. It's for the love of it! It's only what we like and we so much dig 'Everything All the Time' - an awsome debutrelease from Band of Horses.
Singer Ben Bridwell and guitarplayer Mat Brooke meets us with this quitely innovative and genuinely refreshing sound, which might be familiar to those who listen to stuff like My morning Jacket, Shins and Red House Painters.

The band formed in 2004, after the dissolution of their nearly ten-year run in northwest melancholic darlings Carissa's Wierd, which sound were kind of lush dreampop. This is elemental stuff. Sometimes it's majestic, sometimes simple as a brick. It sounds familiar, yet new, strong and definetly worth diving in to. I think this might candidate to album of the year 2006.

You might wanna try The funeral (mp3)

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The cool kids all keep together

The American Analog Set have been around since 1995 and pretty much all their stuff is worth listening to. Very mellow, minimal guitar, soft vocals and catchy melodies. They're one of my favourite bands at the moment, only wish I cought on earlier.

Their latest album "Set Free" was released last year and has gotten rave reviews. Soo many good tracks on there, I recommend "Cool Kids Keep" if you're looking for a quick fix to see if you like them or not. - For those of you in for the long haul, you can download demo versions of all the tracks from the new album in a single zip file from their website!

Get with the cool kids and download from here!

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah... right

One of the hottest names on the rock scene right now is New York's Clap Your Hands Say Yeah. If you want to hear how they hold up as a live band - maybe as a preparation for Roskilde - then NPR is your answer. The widely acclaimed American radio station is a generous source of musical inspiration. Among other things, I recommend their huge collection of live recordings and their weekly show All Songs Considered, which introduces new music of a broad spectre.

Excuse my French

French charmer and musical surrealist Serge Gainbourg shows a young Whitney Houston what the french elegance is all about. No wonder he´s a big inspiration for the alternative music scene. For example it's well known that Beck recognizes the quality in this french gentleman. Ohhh Debra (or should I say Whitney)!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Mojave 3 in the shops and on the road

The excellent Mojave 3 is said to be exploring more sides of their transformation from shoegaze and dream pop band Slowdive to the country rock/alt. country style on the forthcoming Mojave album. It is due in June and so are a tour. We are looking forward to the summertime....

Return of the Flaming Lips

Indie maestros Flaming Lips have finished their new album, "At war with the Mystics", due april 4. But the impatient ones don't have to wait any longer. At NME you can listen to the whole record now - for the small prize of a registration. And don't forget their concert at Tivoli Koncertsal at may 3.

If you are more in the mood for watching videos, here is their newest single.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Tys Tys - new album

The third album from danish quartet Tys Tys is out today, Twisted Fingers Soft Light Blue.
Three songs are available on the net. And it sounds as a wonderful product. It's going up and down with synth-klingklangs and the fragile, yet very strong voice of Maria Laurette Friis. It's growing on you and lo-fi rock combined with avantgarde pop and jazz sure turns out different and enchanting. Kind of a dark circus tickling your ears. We like that!

Listen to Grenadine, Fanny Freaks and Dogs via

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Too Sober To Sleep

The best kept secret of alternative country is probably Justin Rutledge and his Junction Forty. The best news is that he will soon be ready with a new album following up the excellent No Never Alone. Beginners can download three songs from his website. No reason to hesitate...

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Quite beauty - Siggi Ármann stream

Trubadur Siggi Ármann has launched his new website. Designwise it's not really doing anything for me, but you can listen to his entire Music for the Addicted-album, which represents some of his most interessting stuff yet. There are fragile guitarpicking and a serious tone of outcry. Entirely beautiful. White Cocain Sky has drums by buddy Sigur Rós-drummer Orrí Páll Dýrason. For the story of it, I once had a phonecall from Siggis mother telling me that I hadn't paid for two albums, which Siggi gave me when I visited in Reykjavík. This time I'm not paying anything else than some kudos for this fine and free albumstream...

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Hot as f*ck!

Hot Chip are set to release their new album soon "The Warning", I received an "advance copy" a few days ago and it hasn't left my playlist - I even have a copy in the car! I found a video for their first single "Over and Over". Enjoy!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Orenda Fink went soul searching - thank God!

Orenda Fink is part of the notable Now It´s Overhead and part of the even better Azure Ray. But that didn´t seem to fulfil her needs, so now she released her solodebut “Invisible Ones”. And by the first listening it doesn´t sound like a wrong decision - on the contrary, it was about time! May she come to Europe soon, hopefully to Roskilde 2006.

“Invisible Ones” can be streamed in all it´s length here. And the video for the first single Bloodline here.

Rock music just like your daddy made it

Outstanding country-rockers Drive-by Truckers are warming up for their new album, A blessing and a curse, coming out on April 18. You can listen to one of the songs here.

It's hard to hang out with Tomoko

Check out this video by Hafdís Huld (formerly of Gusgus), it's by a new unreleased track of hers called "Tomoko" featuring the star of the Icelandic movie "Dís" doing a fancy little dance routine wearing some kick ass glistening spandex suit! What more can you ask for?

They've left the nest

Department of Eagles is a New York based indie band that formed in 2000 when it's two band-members met as roommates in college. They started messing around with music using samples and pirated music software, then moved on from there. They've released one album "The Whitey on the Moon UK LP" which contains a diverse collection of quirky tracks, ranging from cool and funky to downright nerdy!

If you're looking for something different for a slow sunday afternoon, give these boys a try - they're even giving away 4 tracks from the album on their website to get you started!

Sailing by Night
Noam Chomsky Spring Break 2002
Ghost in Summer Clothes
The Horse You Ride

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Look at the stars, look how they shine for you

English music channel VH1 are currently asking for britains favorite lyric. They paste us 100 lyrical slices from 100 of the greatest songs ever. As you'd expect, some of the choices are spot on, and some are way off. Check for yourself. This one is not on the list, but it should be.
She was into S&M and bible studies
Not everyone’s cup of tea she would admit to me
Belle & Sebastian, If You're Feeling Sinister

The Jonestown Gift Shop

Now this is almost too good to be true... The anarchistic psych-rock'n'roll'ers The Brian Jonestown Massacre must be one of the most generous bands on the planet. The band - known from the stunning documentary "Dig!" - simply give away all their music for free. On their website you can download their albums as zip-files, which play on winamp. The perfect way to prepare for their concert at Vega on June 18th.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Spot 2006 coming up!

Everything that is coming up in Danish (and Scandinavian) music will play at Spot 2006 2nd and 3rd of June. You can buy tickets including transportation from Copenhagen for 695,- at Gaffa. See you there...

21st Century Dylan?

Listen to Wilco's Jeff Tweedy performing a stripped down, joking and gutsy live set from Chicago. Using voice, guitar and harmonica, this man will make you feel gooooood...

Video: Graham Coxon

Today Graham Coxon releases "Love Travels At Illegal Speeds" in DK, produced by hitman Stephen Street, keyforce behind Blur, some Morrissey and recently Kaiser Chiefs. From the few songs available on the net there's absolutely some producer mastery here again. Sparrows are singing that the new album should be his most focussed work to date.
First single is "Standing On My Own Again" - a powerful tune which leaves us wanting some more.

Video: Standing On My Own Again (.wmv)
Graham Coxon in 6 Music Hub Sessions 27 February 2006.

Verdens bedste sang?

Ja, det er altid dybt forsimplet at tale om verdens bedste sang, men jeg er alligevel gået helt i koma over "Pictures in an exhibition" fra Death Cab for Cuties debutalbum fra 1999 "Something about airplanes". En fantastisk plade i det hele taget.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

God påske på Loppen!

Willard Grant Conspiracy og Holly Golightly gæster Loppen i Påskeferien. Førstenævnt byder på bjørnedyb alt. country med den bundsolide og langt over 100 k tunge forsanger Robert Fisher. Sidstnævnte spiller indie punk blues, som lyder lidt ala Nancy Sinatra. Hørt på soundtracket til Jarmusch' Broken Flowers sammen med The Greenhornes, som sammen med Holly kommer fra samme undergrund som White Stripes.