Thursday, March 23, 2006

Indie majesty in march

This blog is not in any way an expression for a lonely horny feeling towards recordlabels or any other trying to make their living from music. It's for the love of it! It's only what we like and we so much dig 'Everything All the Time' - an awsome debutrelease from Band of Horses.
Singer Ben Bridwell and guitarplayer Mat Brooke meets us with this quitely innovative and genuinely refreshing sound, which might be familiar to those who listen to stuff like My morning Jacket, Shins and Red House Painters.

The band formed in 2004, after the dissolution of their nearly ten-year run in northwest melancholic darlings Carissa's Wierd, which sound were kind of lush dreampop. This is elemental stuff. Sometimes it's majestic, sometimes simple as a brick. It sounds familiar, yet new, strong and definetly worth diving in to. I think this might candidate to album of the year 2006.

You might wanna try The funeral (mp3)

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