Sunday, October 07, 2007

Why hasn't the new Radiohead-album been leaked

Radiohead generates a lot of attention these days with their new free cd 'In Rainbows' coming out wedensday. I'm pretty exited about this new album. Read a nice article from todays Times on what this release might lead to for the global music industry.
What puzzles me most about this album is why it hasn't been leaked yet? Every normal release would have been released so few days prior to a launch-date. More on that subject here.

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Anonymous said...

Most album leaks are essentially filtered down via the source of record company employees or the fault of promoters/distributors etc - in the case of 'In Rainbows' the band haven't used any of these conventional bodies to record, distribute or even promote their work - they've managed to be completly self-reliant, hence it is easier for the album to remain in only a few trusted people's hands.