Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Jazzy Waits - Step Right Up from West Germany

It's a doozy that Step Right Up, Mr. Tom Waits. We are in West Germany, in a TV Studio, in Köln.

I went to a matiné with my girlfriend to see The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus and were thrilled by the story and the devil... Mr. Waits. Therefore I had to dig down his street.

-I havn't seen this performance before and I'm so amazed by Waits' be-boppin' street jazzy poetry, the way he is digging the stuff out. Bringing the stuff to the audience. And how about that band? Fuckin' amazing and tight. The sax, the bass, drums... that is beautiful.

Well, the whole album isn't really one of his best, but he always drags me in... into his wild world of all-night diners and dark bars. But again... I can just be me growing up in a small danish town with only one neon-sign saying Steak House...



Martin Thimes said...

I think you'll love this live show recorded in NYC in the mid 70s. "Nighthawks on The Radio" it's called. Classic.

FireFly said...

Wow sometimes I find it hard to believe that Tom Waits have been around for so long, he still rocks.