Saturday, April 15, 2006

Four Tet to visit Roskilde Festival

It might not be all indie, but it's brilliant kling-klang! The genious behind Four Tet, Kieren Hebden is to visit us at Roskilde Festival.

This guy delievered a brilliant set last year at the same festival tuning his acid powerbook, working the audience all up with obscure folk influented samples, bells and weird whistles. Reconstruction and deconstruction. In a cheesy way called 'folktronica'. To me it's intelligent electronica, laid back, jazzy and at times pretty mad and far out without loosing the melody hook.

Kieren Hebden took of with album Pause and toured with Radiohead, did remixes of Beth Orton and Aphex Twins. This guy rawks, and it's a pleasure that he is set for Roskilde on 1st of july.
Remember to check out his his Myspace as well. Good stuff there.

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