Thursday, April 20, 2006

The women on my iPod

I seldom read books by women. The last one was What I loved by Siri Hustvedt. I loved its narrative qualities. I havn't found any women writers since.
It just reminds me, that once I didn't listend to women voices in music either. But, boy... Am I doing that now!
I was surfing my iPod last night and it was like a gigantic singer-song writers orgie! Beautiful!

What they have in common is their narrative qualities, with maybe the exception being Architecture in Helsinki, which I absolutly love for being mad and majestic. Like The Polyphonic Spree or Mercury Reve combined.

The women on my iPod right now are:

Aimee Mann
Architecture in Helsinki
Beth Orton
Cat power
Dicte & The Sugar Bones
Jenny Lewis with The Watson Twins
Neko Case

Bonus: Bittersweet country and artrock with Neko Case and Martha Wainwright in concert for you to download at NPR (mp3)

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