Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Mendoza Line, Athens mp3

Athens, Georgia band The Mendoza Line just dropped into my ears today. They are worth mentioning for their unprententious singersongwriting, which on their soon-to-be-released-in-the-UK album "Full of Light and Full of Fire" is stired with the prettiest protest songs. It's their seventh album and it's in the folk/country tradition sharing a common love of Dylan and Costello.

The topics are quite heavy; the spiritually and economically disenfranchised, the isolated and ruined, those who are lost or are simply trying to disappear. But don't despair, singer Shannon Mary McArdle does a fine job.

It's a small release but it's done with a light hand, so please step forward. It's great!

The Mendoza Line - Mysterious in Black (mp3)
(Full of light... 2006)
The Mendoza Line - Catch a Collapsing Star (mp3)(Full of light... 2006)

The Mendoza Line - It's a Long Line (mp3)
(Fortune, 2004)
The Mendoza Line - Let's not Talk About It (mp3)
(Fortune, 2004)

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The Mendoza Line are 6,000 shades of wonderful and any blog that mentions them deserves at least 10 exclamation marks.

Here are your exclamation marks:

Indie Laundry = !!!!!!!!!!

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