Sunday, July 22, 2007

Best of Roskilde 07

People have been asking if rock is dead or if we are just on vacation at Indie Laundry. Well - we are still recovering after a very wet, extremly fun and musically very satisfying festival. Best of all the Roskilde spirit, that you cannot find anywhere else. Here's my personal best of Roskilde 07:

Arcade Fire - The opening concert in the big green tent. Small sound problems, but fantastic concert, that almost made me cry and dance at the same time. Here they are live in an elevator!!

The National - Fantastic concert. Songs got even more deepth live. Click here for great NPR-stuff about National, where you can download a concert with the great great band.

Brian Jonestow Massacre - Off course chaotic concert. But brilliant when the band was playing and not arguing. Rumors said tha Anton Newcombe drank 2 bottles of disgusting danish booze before entering the stage. Cooool!! Click here to go to the bands brillinat website, where you can download all their albums.

Wilco - Showed their brilliancy sunday afternoon. The concert were just a couple of hours too short. They made the rain go away...
Sky Blue Sky mp3

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