Friday, July 20, 2007

Roskilde Festival & Halloween Heads

After a quite period the staff at Indie Laundry is more or less getting back from summer mode to treat you all with more indie goodies. The main event during this break has without a doubt been Roskilde Festival. As usual it was super fun. Actually, it was rad! Loads of rain and mud but we stuck to it and partied like madmen. There was lots of great music experiences but the one song that epitomizes the spirit of our camp was without a doubt 'Halloween Head' from Ryan Adams' new album Easy Tiger.

We heard it excatly 813 times and here you can watch it. The very strange video makes perfect sense for me.

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Andreas said...

Its all coming back to me....

Thanks for making a great camp atmosphere at this years Roskilde Festival. We definitely prevented the mud from washing our motivation and great spirit off the camping area along with all the abandoned tents. What an achievement!!