Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Database of a Country Christmas and Johnny Cash

It's soon Christmas and there's nothing like some music for the season. I found the website of Joe Sixpack, which is part e-zine, music guide and wacky carnival mirror for his overstuffed, overly musical brain. I don't really know about the design of the website, but this dude has heard a lot of music. All his knowledge is put in a database and presented on his site.
So if you want to be inspired for the season or just want to know more about hick music, alt. country, bluegrass, hillbilly fillies, western swing or are curios on country gospel, you have just found yourself an ever-expanding source of reviews.
Below some YouTube from some old Johnny Cash holiday shows. Enjoy. It's a bit corny, but what...

Johnny Cash Christmas Show '77 - Cash, Orbison, Perkins, Lee

Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash 10th anniversary Christmas

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