Tuesday, May 27, 2008

With a buzz in our ear we'll play endlessly - Sigur Rós

Our friends in Sigur Rós will release 'Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust' the 24th of june. The title translates into 'with a buzz in our eyes we will play endlessly' and features 11 new songs. One of them is called Allright and Jonsí does that one in, yes, english. Interesting!

About the album it's said: "SR adopts a looser approach in the writing and creation of með suð. the material for the album was written, recorded and mixed entirely in 2008 and is being released just one month after its completion. the album glows with the perfect imperfection of live takes, the sounds of fingers playing guitar strings, cracked notes, and a stark, upfront presence not found in previous sigur rós recordings, moving away from reverb-soaked guitar sounds towards something altogether more affecting. the record also contains some of the most joyous music the band has ever recorded."

The artwork is done by visual artist Ryan mcginley. Mcginley first met the band when he photographed jónsi six years ago; the album cover was taken from a flyer for mcginley's most recent exhibit i know where the summer goes, which happened to find its way into jónsi's inbox just as the band was deciding on how to best visually represent their new collection of songs.

Someone on Stereogum said about first song Gobbledigook: "Like Animal Collective covering Dave Matthews Band's "Grey Street." In Icelandic. In a good way." I must agree. Very different. Very wild, playful, joyous and truely a new style. I'm looking forward to more!

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