Thursday, June 05, 2008

Bob Hund saves the festival

Sweden delievers wellpolished music, and most of it is really boring! Well, there are exceptions. One of the bigger is Bob Hund. He has just announced the arrival at Roskilde Festival. And what a surprise.

Bob Hund was one of the most popular indie rock bands in Sweden in the '90s and I've enjoyed them on and off for years. Most off, but their live-performances are always superb. The mix is melodic rock, sometimes synth, sometimes not with a colorful soundscape and thoughtful lyrics.

If stuff doesn't collide too much at this years festival, go see Bob Hund. Entertainment guaranteed




Mikkel said...

I har 100% ret, men bob hund er ikke en person, men et band, så drop "He has just announced..."

I øvrigt bruger bob hund ikke STORE BOGSTAVER!

Anyways I har i al fald sikret jer er RSS abonnement :)

Kristoffer said...

Det fede ved vores blog er, at det er vores! - Så Bob Hund er en person som bruger store bogstaver! ;-)