Thursday, July 10, 2008

Roskilde flashbacks....!

It's now four days since we came back from an almost perfect Roskilde Festival 2008. I've been trying to find out what I've been doing through four wild days, that seems to fly away when your in the middle of it. Proudly I can say, that I saw all bands on my guide to Roskilde except one. But I saw even more bands. But one thing that I missed this year was the big surprise. The newcomer that I didn't now before. Maybe because of the great number of really good bands I allready knew. But all in all a great festival - perfect weather, perfect camp and the never missing Roskilde spirit. Here's my favorite concerts this year:

1. Neil Young
Without doubt one of the greatest concerts of my life. A perfect balance between a setting sun, feeling, wildness, experience and a man that looked like he meent it, when saying that Roskilde is his favorite festival.

2. Band of Horses
Perfect festival-feeling at 4 in the afternoon.

3. Yeasayer
Very late, very drunk - but great all in all experience!!

Unfortunately sound fucked up some concerts this year. It allmost killed Bonnie Prince Billy, before he got the sound and feeling right and saved the concert. And hyped danish rockers from Spleen United showed at 2 in the morning how you shouldn't handle a sound-breakdown. ("I gonne go backstage and have a beer????!!")

Besides that we shaked our bootie at huge Solomon Burke's soul-greatest-hits-extravaganza, drank cool drinks at Radiohead and almost fainted in the big Chemical Brothers lightshow. What more can you want?!

See you in 2009!!

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