Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Of Montreal works both ways

Athens-based Of Montreal returns with a new album next week and to Copen-hagen later this October. 'Skeletal Lamping' follows their tradition for unusual and often impossible-to-remember titles (honestly, do you really recollect titles such as 'Hissing Fauna, are You the Destroyer?' in their entirety? Ok. - How about 'Cocuelicot Asleep in the Poppies: A Variety of Whimsical Verse'?? Yeah right!)

Anyway, their titles actually reflect their quirky, weird songs - often extremely creative mash-ups of crazy, surrealistic explorations and super-melodic hooks that any disco-pop band would kill for. In a way, Kevin Barnes and Co's biggest quality is their careless handling of tunes that - given a more conventional, i.e. boring, treatment - are catchy enough to top most hitlists. 

Enjoy this live version of 'An Eluardian Instance' from the upcoming release. Dead fun and exhilarating performance.

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