Friday, October 03, 2008

Ryan Adams playing new shit at Studio 92

One of our alltime favorite dudes Ryan Adams is touring the US with his Cardinals in the moment. Or well, they just call themselves The Cardinals now. Before they toured Canada supporting Oasis until Noel were attacked by some stupid fuck. Well. The Cardinals paid a visit the other day to WWTS Studio 92, where liveperformance took place. Unfortunately The Cardinals are not set for mainland Europe, but are set to play a handfull of shows in England.

Go to that station and listen to new tracks off Ryans upcoming album Cardinology. There are signs this is gonna be a killer-album with The Cardinals happier than ever before.

Also make sure you check out the video below featuring Ryan Adams other band named Sleazy Handshake. They havn't done many vids, but the track with the amazing title Brainfart Windtunnel is gonna rock your white metal ass showing off Ryans insanity and amazingness in one solid cocktail of awesome weirdity.

SLEAZY HANDSHAKE "Brainfart Windtunnel" from Wilson Wolf on Vimeo.

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