Sunday, November 16, 2008

Bang Gang - It's Alright

While surfing for cheap handheld digital HD video cameras(!), I ran through various gadgets and pricetags. The cheap hip pocket solution is the all new MinoHD, but I couldn't help myself. I HAD to check out the camera Red One. It's AMAZING and shoots at a higher resolution for less money than pretty much any other camera out there. But hey, it's almost 20.000 dollars! So wel That brings me to the music!

While looking at sample-footage from the Red One, I noticed the music used in this clip. It struck me as something very simple, sad and all in all very beautiful. Of course it's from Iceland. The track is 'It's Alright' and done by Bang Gang, who is Barði Jóhannsson - kind of a icelandic Phil Spector / Brian Wilson kind of genius guy. He has done A LOT of music and I really like what he is doing to my ears. So much talent in the arctic ocean.
The tunes are pleasing but it's mood-music. Meaning emotional, sensitive, somber and maybe a bit too soft in the long run. But for now I really like having it in my Ipod and in my living room. It's excellent pop.

Check out the album Something Wrong and the newly released Ghost from the Past.

skate - shot on red #1347 - 120 fps from on Vimeo.

Bang Gang - The World Is Gray

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