Monday, December 01, 2008

X-special at Indie Laundry

Ok... so it has been awfully quiet here at Indie Laundry for the past few months. We really apologize for that but I will not bore you with stupid explanations. Instead, we'll try to come good by handing you a nice little christmas treat.

Pitchfork recently released a book compiling the 500 best songs since punk emerged, i.e. we are talking about the period 1977-2006. The list is as diverse as it is inspiring - in one word: brilliant!! We have scrutinized the list and this has inspired us to - as a tribute - present some of the unknown, or at least forgotten, gems of 'The Pitchfork 500'. 

Starting today and going on all the way till christmas, you can expect a daily, carefully chosen treat from this vast collection. Enjoy!

Dec. 1st takes you back to 1985 and the English post-punk band Felt's thrilling 'Primitive Painters'. This was back when music videoes really did not need to show anthing else than the band playing... Kind of nice, actually. 


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