Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fleet Foxes - Grown Ocean - Helplessness Blues

It's safe to say that having a big-great unorganized beard in 2011 is still very approved. Flannel shirts is also more than allowed. I know because the new Fleet Foxes album has leaked and nothing much has changed since their self-titled and much acclaimed album.

I've had the possibility to take a scant listen to Helplessness Blues and my impressions are living up to my expectations. Still a lot of melodic harmony-filled tunes. Changing tempos and folky. It's really nice, but I still havn't decided if it's better than their last album, which I really really loved.

But check out the video for the album’s closing track “Grown Ocean” - great footage. It's more upbeat Fleet Foxes than we are used to and that's pretty nice for a change. But still; it's the Fleet Foxes sound and my guess is that this dreamy insisting rhythm still will be in fashion when 2011 is over.

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