Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Jon Graboff in a new Noel Gallagher solo album recording in LA

Fresh from the rumour-mill is a Facebook-update by former Ryan Adams & The Cardinals member, pedal steel player, Jon Graboff: "Heading back to NYC today after an awesome session yesterday with Noel Gallagher in LA."

At the moment Noel Gallagher is recording in Los Angeles, so why not? I don't really give that much shit about a new solo-effort from Noel Gallagher (though I luve Oasis), but it's interesting that he picked Jon Graboff. Maybe a new sound from the brother? A bit more interesting than Liam's Beady Eye?

Ryan Adams have for many years been praising Oasis. Bigger than Led Zeppelin! Bigger than Radiohead!

In fact Ryan Adams made so good friends with Noel Gallagher back in september 2008 over a dinner conversation. He wrote this on his old blog: "I left so inspired, so inspired, they are GREAT dinner company and such gentlemen. What an honour. I am just blown away they even know we exist at all. So awesome. Life is just full of surprises."

"Such Gentlemen"! Wauw!

Well. Let's celebrate this tiny news-filler with Ryan Adams & The Cardinals, including Jon Graboff, playing Wonderwall:

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Alex Mathews said...

Love Noel. He was the brains behind Oasis and the genius behind all of their success. Far more talented than his brother. Excited to hear about his solo album.