Sunday, June 17, 2007

Ryan Adams in Paris

In two weeks time, the coolest kid on the planet Mr. Ryan Adams and his Cardinals, release the eagerly anticipated 'Easy Tiger'. They have already begun touring it which recently included a small European tour. The fantastic fansite Ryan Adams Archive is always packed with bootleg torrents and can now offer a stunning, piano-based concert from Paris, June 3rd. If audio is not enough, then go here and watch five 'Easy Tiger' songs from the concert + interviews.

Due to a recent skateboard accident (sic!) you'll see Ryan not doing anything but singing and making a few trademark weird hand signs. And what's almost even more noticable: the man is unpeccably dressed in a suit and well-combed.
These few songs only raise my already extremely high expectations. All of them seem capable of becoming future favorites but especially "Halloween Head" has got me by the balls. Dig it here in the studio version:

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