Sunday, June 24, 2007

Pearl Jam returns

This Tuesday is going to be something special... For the first time since the tragic death of nine young men during their concert at Roskilde Festival in 2000, Pearl Jam is finally ready to play in Denmark again. Having attended that dreadful event, Tuesday surely will be a occation for massive goose bumbs attacks and a time to pay respect to the families of the nine.

Musically, since their explosive burst onto the top of rock stage in ´92, the grunge veterans have found a steady and more healthy level of succes. Accomplished later albums such as 'Riot Act' and 'Pearl Jam' is proof of a band that masters the combination of maturity and inner rock'n'roll fire.

All along Pearl Jam has steadily grown into a world class live act. This awesome site contains career spanning recordings of their live shows. Finally, here is little gem showing Pearl Jam at Roskilde 1992 -at the zenith of their popularity!

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