Monday, August 13, 2007

Boredoms and their sonic circus

Last night I went to Radiohuset in Copenhagen to watch the japanese avant-gardes in Boredoms. It was scary! Here is a report!
I was waiting a very long time in front of the building for my friend. So long time that the already late-arriving Albert Hammond Jr. from The Strokes arrived even earlier. Albert Hammond Jr. (playing Copenhagen tomorrow) tried to be more late, so we stood all alone in front of the venue and smoked, but his friend wanted him in. Therefore we arrived a little later and became the latest! So much for rockattitude from NYC!
Well, in Radiohuset, which is this amazing architectural gem (built in the 30's by the leading exponent of functionalism Vilhelm Lauritzen) the Boredoms ensemble turned a ferocious energy towards us. I had nothing but arty expectations towards this evening.

Boredoms has three drumkits as mainfocus, adding surreal sounds, trance-inducing drones and powerchords. It's all really like a wicked sonic sideshow. It's really hard for me to explain the music, because it sometimes isn't really music, but just pure noise! Boredoms sometimes embrace traditional rockstructures, but then again it's more tribal, electro-driven and chaotic.
In periods the three drummers painted some pretty weird visions for my ears, leaving me all jawdropped. At one point they sounded for 10 minutes like a marching circus-orchestra on acid, other times they just beat the hell out of some distorted neon-city-reality and layered it with some groovy housevocals and an almost human rythm. But most of the time it was just about screwing with our minds and creating chaos, destroying and rebuilding.
They played at Roskilde Festival some years ago where the lead-"singer" broke his legs during the perfomance.

To me this concert is undeniable one of the most disrupted experiences I've had at a concert, and I don't really know if I ever will listen to them again. If I would it should be Maybe Vision Creation Newsun or Super Ae. Boredoms disconnect themselves from any rules in music and breaking barriers in a sonic overdrive isn't very boring at all.

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det var en formiddal aften ... fandt dette klip fra koncerten: