Friday, August 24, 2007

The Elephants - new indie mp3 from Copenhagen

After some a-rotation on the home-stereo, I must conclude that the debutalbum from 6-pieces danish indiegroup (out in October) The Elephants is absolutely adoring.
In 2005 they released the ep Lazybones and showed which road they were heading down. I'm not sure this upcoming release is the final destination, but it's certainly a very promising band debuting in october. The sound is picked up in the 60's and the influence is without a doubt from that of Beach Boys, surf and indie. The vocalwork works fine on most of the songs and the use of two singers - Bjarke Bendtsen and Martine Madsen - add some original harmonie flavour to the mix, which often consists of some very swooping basslines, divers drumming and swinging guitarrifs and creatively use of percussion, pedalsteel, ukulele and even the surreal instrument - the theremin! It's really very enjoyable and must be brilliant live.

All in all the album is full of life and happy orchestral poppitude. Sometimes a bit over the top, I must add. For example on Shivers, which really feels like being run down by a collegeband on speed packed with ukules, flutes and whatever was on the shelf. The melodies works on most parts brilliantly, even though the vocal work sometimes makes it a bit boring. But it's good vocals. Warm and powerful. Have a listen to Obvious below. The clapping on that track is awsome! Love it.

The band is based in Copenhagen and recently signed with german recordlabel Tapete. The album will be available in Scandinavia through swedish

  • The Elephants - Obvious
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