Thursday, August 16, 2007

DevotchKa got me - mp3 video

For hours I've been hypnotized by a blank Blogger-page. Pure emptiness and no nirvana. Well, it's not always that easy to oversee and navigate the indie-universe, so I set out on a small quest for inspiration. And got it. From the very nice Rachel - a The band is DevotchKa, and it's really just brilliant.

The group is from Denver and has been descriped as a crossbreed between numerous influences; cabaret, spaghetti Westerns and dance music from eastern Europe. DevotchKa operates in the most beautiful and enjoyable corners of the indie-genre. They hit some kind of fame when they did the score for the superb indiemovie 'Little Miss Sunshine'.

DevotchKa has just released their 2004 record 'How it ends' in Europe on ANTI Records. It's a brilliant album featuring Nick Urata doing vocals sounding like the Moz and Sufjan Stevens. DevotchKa song has this backwood feel, a bit of Calexico and of course the sounds from their homeland the Ukranians.
Last year DevotchKa released 'Curse your little heart' and that EP is not available in any stores - at least I havn't found it. But it's great, featuring four coversongs. Check out the oft-coveret The Velvet Underground 'Venus in furs'.

  • DevotchKa - Queen of The Surface Streets
  • DevotchKa - You Love Me
  • DevotchKa - Venus in Furs
  • The Velvet Underground - Venus in Furs


    Tito said...

    Thanks for the great post about a really unique band. Looking forward to hearing more from Devotchka...

    Shawn Hessinger said...

    Your blogger's block became our enlightenment. Thanks for the post and the links!