Thursday, September 20, 2007

Learn how to play Blur - Now Play It!

Ever wanted to play bass like Alex James in Blur? Well, why not hire him as a teacher.
On new website NowPlayIt you can in fact have him as a teacher for 4£ for a song. ALex James and lots more are available for drum, guitar and bass teaching so you can play with the best. Of course you don't wanna pay for this, so just go for the preview-section. And Alex James is in fact quite funny on these small clips. Mostly because he just looks as if he doesn't give a shit about what he is doing in Blur. Maybe he isn't really doing anything at the moment because the band is on pause. Or are they? BTW: Alex James has a book out.. it looks like good fun.
While we wait for new material, I'll go see The Good The Bad @ The Queen in the Royal Opera on sunday. My expectations are high. Below you'll find a couple of nice Blur-songs and one of their really good videos (clockwork orange-style) and most likely, best songs.

  • Blur - Country House
  • Blur - Coffee and TV
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