Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Retrorap - Lucas with the lid off

This entry started off while I was on the bike in some pretty heavy rain. Suddenly my mind started rapping "Whatever bubbles, bubbles up... I feel!" I rarely rap in the rain - or any other places I might add - but this is a classic. Sorry.
"Lucas With the Lid Off" was a smash hit in 1994 and featured the half danish rapper Lucas, which no one have heard of since then.
The single is quite irresistible, full of crazy beats, reaggae scats and great horn loops. It's kindof fun. But what is more cool is the unique video, directed by a young Michel Gondry. It's just as weird as the song; shot in one continuous take while moving between several sets.
I guess this must be the first artist Gondry has directed that hasn't been able to ignite anything but matches since his debutalbum. Btw called Lucacentric?!?!


Overgangspaven said...

Hvor sjovt! Den har jeg lyttet til i flere dage nu. Havde fuldstændig glemt den, indtil jeg pludselig kom i tanke om den, fordi jeg hørte en der nynnede noget, der mindede om den. Ikke et rigtigt god nummer, og så alligevel ... Det er åbenbart tid til en Lucas-revival.

Casper said...

He's a pretty respected producer/songwriter these days. Dunno why he stopped his solo project, but he's doing well with producing and writing stuff.

Lucas Secon on wiki or